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The Black Dress by Deborah Moggach

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GagaJo Wed 11-May-22 13:53:47

Nice little book. Picked it up in Waterstones and liked it so much I bought it (unusual for me to buy a brand new book!).

Good read about an older woman. Non-stereotypical.

FannyCornforth Wed 11-May-22 14:07:58

I love Deborah Moggach!
I think my favourites are The Carer, and The Ex-Wives.
I absolutely loved the former.
Easy going; entertaining and well written. That’s pretty much all I ask for!
I’m (sort of) an English teacher too, and to my shame, I get sick of books at times blush

fairfraise Wed 11-May-22 14:13:44

I've liked all her books and will order this from library.

netflixfan Wed 11-May-22 14:21:13

I finished this book last week. Brilliant! I loved the Buffy books too. Great reads.

shoppinggirl Wed 11-May-22 14:22:27

I read this last year and enjoyed it. All her books are excellent and no two are alike. My personal favourite of all her books was Final Demand. Well worth a read.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 11-May-22 14:28:58

It’s currently 99p in kindle bookstore.
Looking forward to reading it in the garden (hopefully if the weather forecast is correct) at the weekend.

Eloethan Wed 25-May-22 18:40:52

I really like Deborah Moggach's books as the characters always feel so real.

I like all her earlier books but think my favourite is Stolen. I haven't been quite so keen on the later books. I have read the Carer but don't remember the plot so I couldn't have been that enamoured.

nanaK54 Wed 25-May-22 18:45:22

Thank you for the recommendation, have just ordered

fairfraise Wed 25-May-22 18:51:44

I've just finished it. Quite funny in parts and as always she writes very well about older women. The twist at the end was quite unexpected!

Susan56 Wed 25-May-22 19:04:32

Thank you GrannyGravy.Have just downloaded it.

Ilovecheese Wed 25-May-22 19:11:35

I have read and enjoyed this too, but like Eloethan my favourite was also Stolen.

Urmstongran Wed 25-May-22 19:12:19

I’m not a fan.

TerriBull Wed 25-May-22 19:35:48

I read many of her earlier books and really enjoyed them, Stolen was one of them. I haven't read anything of hers for quite a while but this thread has renewed my interest, thanks for the recommendation.

Catterygirl Wed 25-May-22 21:46:57

Sent her fan mail and got a reply by return. Love her work.