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Franbern Sat 18-Mar-23 11:25:25

This is my favourite genre for reading. I prefer series as I can really get to know the main chacters. I have found that many of these authors have carried out extensive historial researh Have learned more about historial events through them than any other way.

I know other people on GN enjoy these, so that we could start our own thread to be able to pass on to each other suggestions to read or listen to (many are on audio books).

I will start off with the following and hope others will add to it

Lindsey Davis - Falco and Flavia Alba book set in Rome in first century BCE (not the most historially accurate, but great fun).

Steven Saylor sub Roma series - each book centred on large historial event in Rome

Ellis Peters Cadfael series England/Wales 12th century

C J Sansom Shardlake series in Tudor times

Susan Gregory Matthew Batholomew

Andrew Taylor Series set in reign of Charles 11

E. M. Powell two series set in time of Henry 11

Peter Tremayne Sister Fidelia series set in 7th Century Ireland

There are very many more ranging from those set in Egyptian times, all over the world. Be good if other people could list some they have rfead and enjoyed.

Ilovecheese Sat 18-Mar-23 11:59:22

Have you tried Jacquline Winspear? Her Maisie Dobbs series is set after the first world war.

Yammy Sat 18-Mar-23 12:20:51

I use a kindle and have just purchased one of the Maisie Dobbs books. I like that genre too but a lot I would recommend are already listed. I have one at the back of my mind about a midwife who trained in Salerno Italy and worked at the court of Henry the 8 but I cannot remember the titles and have recently emptied my kindle. Also some set during and after the Spanish Civil war.
Not detective stories but I would recommend Alison Weir's books about the Queens of the wars of the Roses.

Susie42 Sat 18-Mar-23 13:08:26

S J Parris, I really enjoy the books but they should be read in order. Also Edward Marston's books, they are very lightweight but not a bad read.

Ailidh Sat 18-Mar-23 13:13:38

Deryn Lake's John Rawlings series - Georgian detective, lots of real people and historical sites woven through each story.

The Victorian-Edwardian novels by Robin Paige - again, set against real historical events. Includes a theory on Jack the Ripper that I hadn't known (though, apparently, millions had).

Lee Strauss's Ginger Gold series. 1920s, posh, flapper detective.

Ailidh Sat 18-Mar-23 13:14:49

And ooh yes, Edward Marston's Railway Detective series.

Stansgran Sat 18-Mar-23 13:22:31

I’m a fan of British Library Crime Classics. Got me through Covid especially as many were on kindle unlimited.

Yammy Sat 18-Mar-23 15:21:42

Carlos Ruiz Zafon a set of books starting in 1945 Spain,Problems to solve and a bit of mysticism.

Clawdy Mon 20-Mar-23 19:43:17

Ann Swinfen - her series of detective books set in medieval Oxford. First one is The Bookseller's Tale.

Jumblygran Mon 20-Mar-23 19:59:12

Raven and Fisher mysteries by Ambrose Parry.
Set in Victorian times in Edinburgh, with a medical vibe.
The first one is The Way of All Flesh.

AmberSpyglass Mon 20-Mar-23 23:51:45

The Sarah Gilchrist mysteries are also set in Edinburgh, although I think there’s only two so far - a third book is meant to be coming.

Franbern Tue 21-Mar-23 16:20:31


Ann Swinfen - her series of detective books set in medieval Oxford. First one is The Bookseller's Tale.

Love(d) ,this series, wonderful stories - but we have been left high and dry due sadly to authors death. Will the hero and heroine ever now have a happy ending.???

Nannarose Tue 21-Mar-23 16:28:59

Sharan Newman, the Catherine Levendeur series, only available on kindle or secondhand.
Arianna Franklin (Diana Norman) the Mistress of the Art of Death series