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Audible books - when to listen?

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schnackie Sun 03-Sep-23 16:49:37

I love reading, usually one book per week, and often when I am in bed (night and morning.) My daughter listens to audible books (and podcasts!!) whilst driving. I live alone, watch quite a bit of TV and I'm not sure what I would do whilst listening to a book. Cooking and washing up for one takes very little time, and if I were listening to it in bed, would it carry on after I fall asleep? I think it would be nice to hear books read aloud but I can't see how it fits into my life. (Retired and don't drive anymore.)

Grandmabatty Sun 03-Sep-23 16:52:38

You can set it to go off after a chapter or a stated time

Caravansera Sun 03-Sep-23 16:57:55

The phone app had a sleep timer, anything from 5 to 120 minutes or to the end of the chapter.

I listen while travelling by bus, train or plane (not driving else I find I'm not concentrating on the road), in waiting rooms, gardening, ironing, walking, doing arts and crafts and in bed with the sleep timer set.

Blossoming Sun 03-Sep-23 17:12:19

I’m listening to one right now while surfing the net smile

Mollygo Sun 03-Sep-23 17:26:29

Driving, walking, housework (I make sure it’s one DH likes too when we’re working together) sometimes even when marking and often when I can’t sleep. Set the timer to stop after 15 mins means there’s not too far to go back if it works.

Chardy Sun 03-Sep-23 17:28:13

I listen when driving a longer journey and every night before I go to sleep, and have done for last 6 or 7 years. At bedtime I put the timer on for 30 minutes. Sometimes I refresh it because I didn't go to sleep immediately. At other times, I have to turn it back 25 minutes because I dropped off quickly. Put it on if I wake during the night.
Absolutely brilliant resource.

Aveline Sun 03-Sep-23 17:29:51

I use Borrowbox at our local library. Download several books at once and listen to whichever one I feel like when on long boring walks.

Chardy Sun 03-Sep-23 17:33:43

schnackie I don't know what hobbies you have - drawing, sewing, knitting, doing puzzles, dog-walking - but all those lend themselves to listening.
I wouldn't dream of getting on a train or bus without my headphones.

Chardy Sun 03-Sep-23 17:36:55

Btw I nearly forgot, my local library apparently lets me join Audible free currently.

Theexwife Sun 03-Sep-23 18:15:49

I listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I am walking or shopping. It can seem odd to others when I start laughing in a supermarket.

wildswan16 Sun 03-Sep-23 19:48:23

I listen when I'm walking, ironing, in bed, knitting, washing up, baking, and ....I'm sure there must be other times.

In bed I time it to stop in an hour - often fall asleep before then but it's easy to scroll back to where you remember.

I use the free library app, and also have a subscription to Audible - but never use my credits until the 2 for 1 sales are on which fortunately are quite frequent!

Oldbat1 Sun 03-Sep-23 21:16:15

I listen to books on bbc sounds and also use the free Borrowbox eaudiobooks via the library. I set timers on anything i listen to in bed - as listening invariably sends me to sleep. I believe that Alexa can be used also but i havent tried that. I do my jigsaws listening to an audiobook.

Floradora9 Sun 03-Sep-23 21:39:55

I listen to books on my kindle through my Alexa enabled device . I especially like to listen in bed before I go to sleep setting a time for her to stop . If I waken in the night and cannot sleep I listen again . I read a lot but find I get more engrossed in a book if I am listening to it instead of reading it .

Luckygirl3 Sun 03-Sep-23 21:46:46

I too use Borrowbox - entirely free, unlike audible which is getting more and more expensive. All you need is to register with your local library and you can download ebooks and audiobooks onto your phone - all for nothing! Brilliant.

It is particularly good when you get a book that is read by the author - it definitely adds something to it.

You can listen to it in bed before going to sleep as you can set the sleep timer to turn it off after a certain time: in 10/15 minutes etc.

I put my phone in my jeans pocket or the kangaroo pouch of a sweatshirt and listen to it as I potter around - and also whilst I am painting. And of course in the car where I can bluetooth it to the speakers.

schnackie Mon 04-Sep-23 16:12:15

Thank you all for your suggestions, especially Borrowbox which I did not know about. Fingers crossed!!

Anniel Tue 05-Sep-23 21:17:03

Can someone tell me about putting Audible books on Kindle? I have more than a hundred Audible books and had no idea of the tie up with my Kindle.My Kindle books and Audible books are on my iPads and my iPhone. Just what happens? Thank you.

Floradora9 Tue 05-Sep-23 21:26:11


Can someone tell me about putting Audible books on Kindle? I have more than a hundred Audible books and had no idea of the tie up with my Kindle.My Kindle books and Audible books are on my iPads and my iPhone. Just what happens? Thank you.

The books I get my Alexa device to read are not Audible books they are just plain Kindle books. They are read to you by Alexa so always her voice but I regard her now as a friendly voice. I ask my device to read such and such a book from my kndle and she does it or I look at my kindle library on my Amazon Fire through the Alexa ap and click on the book I want her to read. I can then pick up the book in every room that has an Alexa device but I use it mostly in bed . You can just ask her to stop reading or set a sleep timer. If you have missed a bit ask her to go back so many minutes. This is great for someone with sight problems .

Mollygo Tue 05-Sep-23 22:05:06

My newest kindle allows audible books to be downloaded and played through Bluetooth, either earbuds or a speaker. DH bought it as a gift since I like audio books.
To be fair, I prefer to download them on my phone. It’s smaller and downloading is quicker.

Anniel Wed 06-Sep-23 16:38:51

I am so pleased to read your replies FloraDota9 and MollyGo. It goes to show you can learn useful information if you ask a question. I am so used to Audible that reading novels on Kindle always meant I had to have my iPad in my hand. Thank you both so much.