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The Running Grave

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Hildagard Sat 04-Nov-23 14:01:16

Hi, is anyone else reading this latest Strike book?
On chapter 8 and feeling it’s getting a bit dark?

Ilovecheese Sat 04-Nov-23 14:05:12

I think it may be a while before I get the chance. I am 37th on the reserve list at the library!

TerriBull Sat 04-Nov-23 15:12:12

Hildegard check out 2023 Book Challenge second thread, both I and another poster recently finished it around the same time and have left our comments.

Hildagard Sat 04-Nov-23 15:27:47

Just read your comments.
Probably will get in to it, it was the background of ‘Church’ and emails that seemed long winded!

Jaxjacky Sat 04-Nov-23 16:29:27

I’ve got it poised as I know once I start I’ll staying up to the small hours reading! We only read in bed or on holiday (don’t ask me why, habit I think).

Chardy Sat 04-Nov-23 19:08:09

I ordered several months ago, so I got it the day it came out. It's a real page-turner, and I really enjoyed it There are bits that are very tense. As with the previous books (I get through them too quickly) eventually I will return and enjoy the story at a more sensible pace.

Cold Sat 04-Nov-23 21:47:56

Loved this book.

It really shows the scary side of how cults work by dehumanizing and breaking down the mental health of recruits - no sleep, not enough food, backbreaking work, strange rituals and unquestioning obedience to the leaders.

Even Robin is affected despite going in knowing it was a scam and not believing a word of the quasi-religious message

riddhi10 Wed 17-Jan-24 12:10:45

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Jaxjacky Wed 17-Jan-24 12:18:12

I think it may be the best in the series, I thoroughly enjoyed it, her previous one, The Ink Black Heart was hard work for me.

TerriBull Wed 17-Jan-24 13:45:34

I quite enjoyed it, but for me the best in the series remains Troubled Blood which I loved.

Calendargirl Wed 17-Jan-24 17:38:40

I am re-reading the Strike books.

Troubled Blood is awaiting me.

The only one I’m not keen to read again is The Ink Black Heart. If I do decide to tackle it again, I shall miss out all the tedious online messages.

They ruined it for me. Big mistake by the author, IMHO.