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Game Changer Review by Hardold Hamm - Energy Economics / Politics Book

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MattParish01 Thu 09-Nov-23 18:19:29

Hey everyone, just wanted to share my thoughts on a recent read, Game Changer by Harold Hamm. If you're into energy economics, politics, or the natural resources scene, it's worth a look. It's got a biographical vibe with a dive into the American energy sector.

Game Changer takes you into the life of Harold Hamm, a significant figure in the American energy game. It's like a road trip through the world of oil and gas, starting off in Oklahoma with the sounds of drilling rigs and bright ideas. Hamm's not your average guy, he's got this unyielding drive and vision, someone you can aspire to for their drive. He founded Continental Resources and turned it into a major player in American energy.

It's not your typical business biography with deals and wealth building. It's more about resilience and the power of sticking to your guns. The book isn't just a page-turner; it's a spark for your own drive and ambition. Game Changer reminds you that no dream is too big. Hamm's journey from humble beginnings to a big shot in the energy sector is a source of inspiration. The book really encourages you to go after your dreams.

Hamm's big on giving back to the community, emphasizing that success is more than just making money; it's about making a positive impact. Which is something that resonated with me a lot better than other books like this.

Now, if you're curious about Harold's story, his energy empire, or just the political and ambitious side, you can check out his website at What's interesting is you might find some unexpected bits, like Mike Rowe and Schwab in the mix. The site gives you a peek into the folks involved and where to grab the book, though you can probably track it down on your own at like Amazon or the Google Play Store.

Anyone else read this book? What caught your eye, and do you got any other recommendations for reads that keep that energy flowing?