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The Wind in the Willows edition

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Audun Sat 18-Nov-23 07:37:30

I'm hoping the collective mind of Gransnet can identify this edition of The Wind in the Willows. Last year I sent a friend this card, and she loved it, as it was from her childhood edition, which she no longer has. This year she's very ill, and I'd like to identify it and give her the book. I'd be so grateful if anyone recognises it. Moley's snout looks a bit like Arthur Rackham's work. I love it too. Thank you.,!

NanKate Sat 18-Nov-23 07:51:10

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question but want to say this is one of my favourite books ever.

I live quite close by to where the book is set.

A few years back we went to an outside production of ‘Toad of Toad Hall’ in a riverside garden in Henley on Thames. It was just magical.

HelterSkelter1 Sat 18-Nov-23 08:06:01

Would it be worth contacting one of the booksellers like Abe books and sending them a picture? I haven't done this myself and may be talking rubbish.

It's a lovely picture. I am going to listen to the tale on BBC sounds this weekend. Good luck. What a nice thing to do for your friend.

Audun Sat 18-Nov-23 08:16:56

thank you for the replies., what a great idea about ABE books, I shall do that.

Casdon Sat 18-Nov-23 08:39:03

I think I’ve I’ve found the illustration, I did an image search, and this is by Chris Dunn, it’s on the bottom line of this summary of his work. It’s recent though from what I can find out, so it’s not likely to be from an edition your friend read as a child if it is the right one?

M0nica Sat 18-Nov-23 08:45:32

Audun I have done some reearch and I think the edition you are looking for is illustrated by Inga Moore.

Look at the shape of the Rattie's head in your illustration and the link and also the shape of the church tower in both.

Both Arthir Rackham, and the original illustrator, E H Shephard have more pen and ink work in their illustrations.

The style also reminded me of the work of Margaret Tempest who illustrated the The Little Grey Rabbit books, but I could not find an record of her having illustrated Wind in the Willows.

Audun Sat 18-Nov-23 09:00:42

Thank you! it is indeed Chris Dunn, from your search, so you are right, and it is too recent. But the illustrations are beautiful. So grateful forveveryone,'s help. it was a good idea, though!

HelterSkelter1 Sat 18-Nov-23 09:08:31

goodoh. I shall look up Chris Dunn. It's a lovely illustration. These pictures never fail to make me just a little tearful.

I shall dig out my DCs old books this afternoon and have a sort.

Just the job for a grey drizzly day

Audun Sat 18-Nov-23 10:57:38

Me too, HelterSkelter1, and a big collective thank you for everyone's help. I really appreciate it.

M0nica Sat 18-Nov-23 13:46:53

The wonder and inspiration this book engenders is encapulated in the knowledge that so many first class, and famous auhors have done illustrations for it.

xata012 Mon 25-Dec-23 09:39:00

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