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Thank you Mishap!

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NfkDumpling Wed 05-Jun-13 10:59:57

Thank you for giving me the determination to persevere for Continuing Care for Mum. I got her final invoice today, she got Funded Nursing Care and it was paid direct to the home -£1442.45 backdated for the three months she was there. It's a pity she won't know, she would have been pleased.

Movedalot Wed 05-Jun-13 12:22:05

So pleased for you Nfk

Ella46 Wed 05-Jun-13 16:38:48

Well done Nfk and Mishap sunshine

Galen Wed 05-Jun-13 17:29:48


Mishap Wed 05-Jun-13 22:08:45

Oh - jolly well done - good news!