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CHC assessment while in discharge to assess bed

11 Twig14

Carers Allowance/Migration to UC from Tax Credits

6 CombinedScience

Can I get this off my chest

55 Nannie4

Housing & benifits - MIL discharged into care

55 icanhandthemback

Home care London advice needed

7 lisakitty

Elderly mother having trouble swallowing

10 SueDonim

Complex care needs for my husband

37 GrannySomerset

Care home refusing to cooperate

53 humptydumpty

Have I done the right thing?

23 Hetty58

Best interest meeting

22 Katyj

88yr old dad wants to go in care whilst I'm on holiday

44 GrannyRose15

Mum in hospital

22 Katyj

Should I have my husband at home or in a care home ?

103 icanhandthemback

Mum sleeping too long

52 Callistemon21

Reluctant carers, should I interfere and insist NOK step up to support?

27 SuperTinny

COVID 19 boosters for carers

2 Visgir1

Aids for administering eye drops

4 Margiknot

Help with my mum

10 Whiff

Whether to remove husband from nursing home.

137 Grandmabatty

Moving an adult with a severe learning disability to a new placement - any advice?

36 SueDonim

Any advice welcome.

12 Cheeseplantmad

Relative won't make POA

40 Germanshepherdsmum

Paying for Social Care at home

37 ElaineI

Golden Carers: Free Activities for (not just) Seniors 🌞

3 FannyCornforth

Advice on how to manage mums increasing dementia like symptoms

26 win

carer or skivvy

18 teddylady17

Fulfilling my mum's expectations

39 Hithere

Best Time To Move

8 Allsorts

MiL wants to go to care home. We don’t think she’s ready.

114 Hetty58

What to ask for in care plan

23 brandonward

Finding care from Social Services

10 brandonward

Advice on adjustable beds please.

43 brandonward

Exhausted caring for granddaughter

65 Georgesgran

Any other grandparents care for their grandkids

34 Devorgilla

Daughter feeling guilty

3 Summerskies

Challenging council over care

32 Witzend

Mother with advance dementia

28 Witzend

Intermediate Care (6 weeks)

9 Katyj

Walk in baths - anybody have one?

24 Luckygirl3

Exhausted,worried, drudge

51 1987H2001M2002Inanny

I hate christmas

97 Ro60

Support thread for unpaid carers

17 BlueBalou

Unbelievably Covid has struck our small care home again..?‍♀️

12 Shinamae

Live-in carer

10 MadeInYorkshire

Gift suggestions for a 98 year old lady

13 LauraNorderr

Car boot hoist for mobility scooter

13 Carenza123

Hospital aftercare

31 travelsafar

Struggling with my mums carers

30 Esmay

Indian hair and makeup artist in London

3 BladeAnnie

How to decide about a care home?

35 Witzend