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Carer has given 2 weeks' notice

36 dragonfly46

Exhausted caring for granddaughter

62 NannaDeb58

Carer and records

33 Lessismore

Caring at a distance

3 Granny23

Mum won't stay in rehabilitation

36 Katyj

Trying not to resent caring for constantly sick husband

93 Persistentdonor

Becoming irritable and snappy because of demands on me

21 annep1

Trouble with my Dad

11 M0nica

Help for carers.

8 Luckygirl

Seeking Opinions on Charity Run Scheme

7 Epsilon

Feeling left out!

15 sue421

Dementia with Lewy Bodies and SIL

24 Jackie1980

Crazy Carer's Assessment rules

29 MissAdventure

Frustrated with mum refusing help.

134 MaiBea

Moving to Care Home

24 Dawn22


22 Daisymae


4 trisher

Carers health assessment

20 Specky

Grandson has rare leukemia. Not sure how much longer I can hold up.

64 BradfordLass72

Husband with cancer taking it out on me

78 Teddy111


2 Gonegirl

Carers allowance

40 kittylester

Live-in care

81 cornergran

Help! How do I get someone to help me?

18 Tedber

Elderly mum in hospital. What do we need to know.

73 Luckygirl

Difficult Mother in Law

64 Joyfulnanna

Father with signs of dementia

14 kittylester


7 Anja

Caring for Mother in Law

18 paddyann

PIP - the dreaded face to face interview

67 GabriellaG54

Have you ever experienced ‘lost’ items at a care home?

46 Liz46

Brother who cares for Mum is behaving like a martyr

126 MawBroonsback

What to expect next

6 aggie

Don't like visiting Father in nursing home.

15 Mamissimo

High bp elderly mum

18 Katyj

I'm a carer and need more help but what?

15 Alexa


9 Lazigirl

At end of tether

67 aggie

I think I am losing her.

34 GrandmainOz

Carers going to the wrong house!

13 withany

Emergency nursing

35 Charleygirl5


3 SalsaQueen

Having a grumpy day!

25 SalsaQueen

Who should look after elderly aunt?

50 M0nica

Employing someone?

114 Humbertbear

Shared care of Grandson while his Dad recovers from surgery

11 MissAdventure

The wonder of you

8 grannyactivist

Dementia & the Christmas Tree

10 Izabella


5 newist

no hot water or heating.....

12 MissAdventure