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Husband going into care home

27 Serendipity22

Exhausted,worried, drudge

50 Sielha

How do I help settle Mum in a Care Home

20 Skydancer


90 Audi10

Mum in rehab and hating it.

44 Katyj

Walk in baths - anybody have one?

10 Dustyhen2010

Nasty 90 yr old

19 maddyone

Catheter bags

5 Riverwalk

Help with my 89 year old mother

13 WharfedaleGran

Tips for single handed caring!

19 aggie

Pager/alert button, patient to carer

7 Jaxjacky

Attendance Allowance

13 welbeck

Help with wheelchair

6 welbeck

Wheelchair users

27 CeliaVL

refusing to have a carers assessment

19 BlueBelle

Mum won't pay for care.

100 OnwardandUpward

Is there anyone I can contact?

9 Knittingnovice

Carers now coming in so why do I feel guilty

26 nannabo

How long do care home give you to sell flat

10 GillT57

Very Elderly neighbours not helped by family.

127 welbeck

Has anyone worked as a live-in carer?

27 Soni0812

Volunteers needed for research project: How has the pandemic affected social care workers?

1 carehomeresearch

Care Home in Thailand

62 Germanshepherdsmum

My mum wants to die and it’s all she talks about

60 Germanshepherdsmum

What care tips worked for you?

15 Witzend

Looking to Interview Carers/ Aged Care Workers for History Project

1 freyawillis

Coping alone

29 Germanshepherdsmum

what would help part 2

2 thorns2roses

Neighbour Needs Care

19 biglouis

Mums lonely

61 Serendipity22

Advice on adjustable beds please.

40 Gwenisgreat1

Buying clothes for 94 year old in denial !

11 Sarnia

Getting a anther house for my mother

22 trisher

Ed Balls Crisis in Care.

157 MissAdventure

Appealing DST for NHS CHC funding

9 Riversidegirl

Problem with gardener

89 Dickens

Care! The price of the care system in emotions.

16 Shandy57

Possible future care

13 M0nica

Virgin axing PAYG service from next Jan.

12 ExDancer

What arrangements should we put in place for old age

84 Witzend

SVQ2 stress and anxiety

13 Callistemon

Care costs advice

15 Hetty58

In need of advice....and empathy

27 Madgran77

Struggling with my mums carers

29 Barmeyoldbat

Hospital aftercare

22 MayBeMaw

Is this unreasonable honest opinions please?

17 BlueBelle

Feisty Lady with Dementia

27 Hetty58

Mum refusing to let carers take her to bed

38 Nanna58

Good residential care for extremely mentally capable older lady in Greater Manchester

11 Teacheranne

Support For Older People Not Coping With "Modern Life"

10 Casdon