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Caring for elderly parent

11 Dillyduck

Carer support groups?

9 Charly

Why do so many men in their 70’s have dementia

19 Cherrytree59

Of a certain age and in a heartbreaking situation

73 Dealite

I'm Struggling & Feel so Guilty

29 Washerwoman

Can texts disappear?

10 dizzyblonde

Carer has given 2 weeks' notice

51 MawB

Crazy Carer's Assessment rules

33 Dillyduck

Don't want to feel I am being selfish

43 Dillyduck

Needing a Support Group we can visit

2 Halsgran2

Father worried about leaving mum alone if he goes first.

19 mamagran

Bed Guard for Electric Bed Advice

11 gmarie

Help! How do I get someone to help me?

28 Barmeyoldbat

Older people dying from lack of social care

35 trisher

Carers health assessment

37 Specky

80th Birthday

6 lavenderzen

Sleepless nights

16 mumofmadboys

Low touch care

49 notanan2

How to handle this?

12 boodymum67

Has anyone worked as a live-in carer?

24 OPgrndtr

Brother needs to go into a home, help!

33 SueDonim

carers pay

2 Countrylife

problems with care provider

16 boodymum67

Bruised and broken

50 dazz

Feeling left out!

16 boodymum67

Employing someone?

116 boodymum67

Mum in a and e

23 Katyj

Emergency nursing

37 MissAdventure

Carer and records

34 GabriellaG54

What the heck do I do?

60 GabriellaG54

Husband with cancer taking it out on me

81 Niobe

Elderly parents both 99

28 Twig14

Exhausted caring for granddaughter

63 Abuelana

Caring at a distance

3 Granny23

Mum won't stay in rehabilitation

36 Katyj

Trying not to resent caring for constantly sick husband

93 Persistentdonor

Becoming irritable and snappy because of demands on me

21 annep1

Trouble with my Dad

11 M0nica

Help for carers.

8 Luckygirl

Seeking Opinions on Charity Run Scheme

7 Epsilon

Dementia with Lewy Bodies and SIL

24 Jackie1980

Frustrated with mum refusing help.

134 MaiBea

Moving to Care Home

24 Dawn22


22 Daisymae


4 trisher

Grandson has rare leukemia. Not sure how much longer I can hold up.

64 BradfordLass72


2 Gonegirl

Carers allowance

40 kittylester

Live-in care

81 cornergran

Elderly mum in hospital. What do we need to know.

73 Luckygirl