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Appealing DST for NHS CHC funding

7 Luckygirl

Is this unreasonable honest opinions please?

9 nanna8

Wheelchair users

26 Deedaa

I'm a carer....and I'm totally frazzled!

18 nexus63

Grandparent Kinship Carer Research Study

1 GrandparentKinshi...

care agencies

24 Hellogirl1

Next of kin

34 Shandy57

Dealing with Mother after lockdown

64 Shandy57

Sexual abuse of carers?

15 Grandma11

Fed up and feeling resentful today

50 Katyj

Give carers a break

4 Betty65

Being a carer... it’s so tough

47 JaneJudge

Neighbour Needs Care

18 PaperMonster

Moving an adult with a severe learning disability to a new placement - any advice?

22 ShelaghALLEN

Help, elderly uncle has lost his cheque book and bills need paying!

18 Viridian

Carers and long nails(I mean talons) [hmm]

10 geekesse

Wheelchair friendly

11 Lesley87

Live-in carer

8 EllanVannin

Feeling overwhelmed

70 CanadianGran

caring at a distance - really struggling

9 Tonucha

Is Sheltered Housing a good option?

20 fuseta

Overnight stay from tier1 to 3 to visit elderly mum- is it allowed

4 mamaa

Two handled mugs

8 midgey

Carer tor daughtet

3 silverlining48

Compensation for Mum's care

35 Oopsadaisy4

Is diagnosis of dementia a good thing

29 Oopsadaisy4

Care homes

22 Dorsetcupcake61

What do you think?

19 lemongrove

Help to improve the experience of searching for care online

1 mamagran


8 Jaxjacky

Mum and her money

5 Hithere

End of tether - advice please Mum's moved into sheltered housing and won't throw anything away

68 Devorgilla

Dementia that is only seen by me

68 thanhan

Care Home on Lock Down

22 Judy54

Mums confusion

61 Katyj

Kinship care

2 LaraGransnet

How much does it cost for a carer for the elderly.

21 Katyj

Care costs, what's the best way to go?

8 Luckygirl

Elderly Mother refusing help from carers

77 GrauntyHelen

Social Services and Nurses

29 Liagrat89

Caring for elderly parent

29 HayleyC


5 wildswan16

Care Home Costs - Can we get any financial help

25 rachaelc

Retrain hospitality workers

6 Alexa

Feeling guilty

45 Katyj

What if mum needs help

5 ValerieF

Of a certain age and in a heartbreaking situation

74 Dillyduck

Carer support groups?

10 Dillyduck

Gift Idea please

3 ClareAB

Why do so many men in their 70’s have dementia

19 Cherrytree59