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Feeling overwhelmed

15 Hetty58

Overnight stay from tier1 to 3 to visit elderly mum- is it allowed

4 mamaa

Two handled mugs

8 midgey

Wheelchair friendly

6 welbeck

Carer tor daughtet

3 silverlining48

Compensation for Mum's care

35 Oopsadaisy4

care agencies

14 rachaelc

caring at a distance - really struggling

8 Jaxjacky

Is diagnosis of dementia a good thing

29 Oopsadaisy4

Care homes

22 Dorsetcupcake61

What do you think?

19 lemongrove

Help to improve the experience of searching for care online

1 mamagran


8 Jaxjacky

Mum and her money

5 Hithere

End of tether - advice please Mum's moved into sheltered housing and won't throw anything away

68 Devorgilla

Dementia that is only seen by me

68 thanhan

Appealing DST for NHS CHC funding

4 HootyMcOwlface

Care Home on Lock Down

22 Judy54

Mums confusion

61 Katyj

Kinship care

2 LaraGransnet

How much does it cost for a carer for the elderly.

21 Katyj

Care costs, what's the best way to go?

8 Luckygirl

Elderly Mother refusing help from carers

77 GrauntyHelen

Social Services and Nurses

29 Liagrat89

Caring for elderly parent

29 HayleyC


5 wildswan16

Care Home Costs - Can we get any financial help

25 rachaelc

Retrain hospitality workers

6 Alexa

Feeling guilty

45 Katyj

What if mum needs help

5 ValerieF

Carers and long nails(I mean talons) [hmm]

8 ValerieF

Of a certain age and in a heartbreaking situation

74 Dillyduck

Carer support groups?

10 Dillyduck

Gift Idea please

3 ClareAB

Why do so many men in their 70’s have dementia

19 Cherrytree59

I'm Struggling & Feel so Guilty

29 Washerwoman

Can texts disappear?

10 dizzyblonde

Carer has given 2 weeks' notice

51 MawB

Crazy Carer's Assessment rules

33 Dillyduck

Don't want to feel I am being selfish

43 Dillyduck

Needing a Support Group we can visit

2 Halsgran2

Father worried about leaving mum alone if he goes first.

19 mamagran

Bed Guard for Electric Bed Advice

11 gmarie

Help! How do I get someone to help me?

28 Barmeyoldbat

Older people dying from lack of social care

35 trisher

Carers health assessment

37 Specky

80th Birthday

6 lavenderzen

Sleepless nights

16 mumofmadboys

Low touch care

49 notanan2

How to handle this?

12 boodymum67