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Further to previous post about GS speech

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ninathenana Sat 06-Jul-13 15:15:17

You may remember I recently posted about him not forming any words at 15mths.
DD took him to Kings in London for overnight tests regarding his swallowing/reflux problems on Thursday. Part of all this was an MRI. There is some brain damage. Probably CP but until they repeat the scan they can't confirm.
He was born with heart problems and has had 'blue episodes'.

Anyone experience of CP ? DD is coping well and has all services on board.

whenim64 Sat 06-Jul-13 15:45:19

My dear friend has a child with mild CP. She has had great support, and overcome coordination, mobility and speech problems. She had help with attending mainstream school but doesn't need it now. Her goal is to go away to uni, which she will definitely achieve. An independent, brave girl.

My sister's foster daughter also has CP, and needed similar support. She now lives fairly independently, with some help from foster mum and dad, and the odd weekend living back at home. She has been to college and done voluntary work so far. She prides herself on managing to get into platforms without breaking her neck for a family wedding. She wouldn't give up till she got the photo she wanted to prove she did it. It took such effort. Her speech now is really clear, after good speech therapy when she was younger

ninathenana Sat 06-Jul-13 15:59:41

thanks when that's encouraging

Iam64 Sun 07-Jul-13 08:25:26

Another one with a friend whose child has CP. He did go to special school at one point but back into main stream and is now in his 40's, happily married with 2 children. I worked closely with a woman who had a very successful career in law, and who had CP. Great to hear your daughter is coping well

Nelliemoser Sun 07-Jul-13 08:47:20

When I was puzzling over the " platform2 bit and and thinking of train stations! I have not woken up yet.

Nelliemoser Sun 07-Jul-13 08:47:48

"platform" bit

Aka Sun 07-Jul-13 08:58:19

nina how worrying for you all. At least there's a potential diagnosis and he's being monitored.

whenim64 Sun 07-Jul-13 09:04:44

Platform shoes, Nellie! grin