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Have you ever had to get a copy of medical records

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Gracesgran Thu 23-Oct-14 15:32:32

Has anyone needed to get a copy of medical records for the person they are caring for.

I do have Power of Attorney for my mother but only Financial so I wondered how I would go about this. I need to fill in a form for her and I don't know when various conditions started, etc.

Any help with this would be appreciated. smile

Londongirl Thu 23-Oct-14 16:57:27

If it's a person's hospital records, you would approach the communications, or the patient access, team of the hospital(s) who should be able to point you in the right direction. You'll have to fill in a form and provide patient consent, or in your case proof of PoA. I should imagine the process to be similar with GP surgeries.

Every patient has the right to access their medical records, you provide proof of identity.

Londongirl Thu 23-Oct-14 17:00:56

hmm "..but you have to provide proof of identity to make the information does not fall into the wrong hands..." is what I meant to say.

Must remember to check before posting

Crafting Thu 23-Oct-14 20:45:01

You need power of at tourney for medical matters too. Doctors may provide the information but only with the signed consent of your mother.

Gracesgran Thu 23-Oct-14 22:24:14

I think they might consider Mum has the capacity to decide on consent so hopefully we can do it that way.

Thank you both for your help. It's so nice to be able to ask smile I will get in touch with the surgery.

Anya Thu 23-Oct-14 23:19:40

You need a second LPA for Health and Welfare. But your mother needs to be competent to sign this over and if she is competent then why can't she simply ask for her own medical records? confused

Gracesgran Fri 24-Oct-14 15:58:07

I am feeling much better about this issue as I called in to Mum's surgery today to ask several questions on of which was to explain about the form I needed to fill in and my lack of information.

The lovely receptionist said that rather than having access to the notes which would mean trawling through them while someone stayed in the room with me, if I take the form in the will fill in all the relevant bits.

Hopefully this will do the trick. smile