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tezza Sat 28-Nov-15 16:34:40

Can anyone please give any advice? I have willing cared for my mother for the last 16 years since she was first diagnosed with Dementia. She was able to live independently for many years in her own apartment however by 2011 she needed full time care and I gave up my home to move in with her to provide it. At this time my mother wanted to transfer her apartment to me but I did not do it.
In April 2013 Mum started full time residential care which was self- funding due to her savings and I continued to live in her apartment. In July 2014 with mum now settled I eventually accepted the transfer of her apartment to me. In August of this year having been living in Mums apartment for nearly 4 years I sold it and with more of my savings bought a larger property to live with my partner and even though he never contributed to the purchase of the property I wanted him to be a 50% tenant in common as he gave up a protected sitting tenant home to be with me.
My mum’s condition has worsened badly in the last 2 months and has become very aggressive and non-compliant. I have been told she now needs EMI nursing care. However her funds are now very low and I believe she will need LA funding. I have been told that because she transferred her home to me while she was in care that this is considered a deprivation of assets. Does this mean the local authority can reclaim these assets from me and my partner and that we will have to sell our home to provide for Mum’s care? If so is there anything I can do to prevent this. Thank you for your help.