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chrispalmer Wed 02-Aug-17 10:34:25


Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, my wife has reached state pension age, and has been claiming carers allowance for me for over 10 years.

This morning he has received a letter from DWP saying that they are stopping his carers allowance as he is getting state pension.

My MS hasn't changed, I still need the same amount of care, was wondering if this is normal practice when you reach state pension age.

Any advice would be really helpful before we ring them on Monday

thanks for reading

Miep1 Wed 02-Aug-17 10:41:15

My carer has her pension now any can't claim any Carer's allowance for me, even though I need round-the-clock watching, so I suspect that's the system unfortunately.

Eglantine19 Wed 02-Aug-17 10:48:56

The carers allowances intended to replace (!!) any wage you would have been earning if you did not have care duties. So when you become pensionable age the idea is you would be giving up work and not earning. Hope this explains a bit.

grannyqueenie Wed 02-Aug-17 10:49:52

If I remember rightly Carers Allowance is means tested so receiving State Pension might take her over the earnings limit to get it. But it doesn't seem fair!

kittylester Wed 02-Aug-17 11:14:34

Are you claiming attendance allowance? Are you eligible fir pension credit? Check AgeUk website, or ring them or cab. Has your partner had a Carer's assessment?

Galen Wed 02-Aug-17 12:03:30

Would have to have at middle rate DLA or standard rate PIP to get carers allowance

glammygranny Wed 02-Aug-17 13:05:56

I work as a benefits specialist within the NHS.
While there is no upper age limit for claiming Carer's Allowance, you cannot receive the full amount of both Carer's Allowance and your State Pension at the same time. This is because Carer's Allowance and State Pensions are classed as 'overlapping benefits'. However, you might still be able to get some extra money in recognition of your caring role.

If your State Pension is less than Carer's Allowance (less than £62.70 per week) you can get the difference paid in Carer's Allowance. For example, if your State Pension is £50 per week you can get £12.70 per week in Carer's Allowance.

If your State Pension is more than Carer's Allowance (more than £62.70 per week) you cannot be paid any Carer's Allowance. However it might still be worth claiming, as you can still get an 'underlying entitlement' to Carer's Allowance. Whilst this is not financially beneficial itself, it can increase any means-tested benefits you are currently getting or mean you become entitled to means-tested benefits for the first time (depending on your and any partner's income and capital). This is because having the 'underlying entitlement' to Carer's Allowance means that a Carer Addition will be included when working out whether you are entitled to means-tested benefits.
I hope this helps.

pensionpat Wed 02-Aug-17 13:07:08

Careers Allowance and State Pension "overlap" each other. Both cannot be paid and the larger amount is usually State Pension. However for some people it is still worth claiming Carers Allowance. It will de disallowed, but if the reason for disallowance is only the overlapping rule, there is still an "underlying entitlement". This attracts extra payment of Pension Credit. It is called a Carers Premium. Also, it could lead to some extra Housing Benefit/Council Tax benefit.

sophiajones Tue 05-Jun-18 10:56:49

Income Support is a monetary benefit in the UK for those who are on a low income. But an applier's savings amount to over £16000 will not be able to get Income Support. So as to claim Income Support, you must be between 16 and the state pension age while also working for fewer than 16 hours per week or have a reason that you aren't seeking work such as health problem or disability. Claimants of income Support can also be entitled to further UK advantages like child tax credit and Carer’s Allowance but separate application processes are going to be needed.

You can directly speak to the Income Support customer service team for your queries on phone by visiting here

Stormer Sat 11-Aug-18 14:45:54

There is a petition doing the rounds through email and advertised on the internet, asking that carer's allowance still be paid once retirement age is reached. I've signed it, because I claim it at the moment for my husband who has brain damage due to lack of oxygen. I'm 61 and dropped my hours from 30 to 15 last summer, but once I get my pension it does stop. Sign the petition, if you google it you should be able to find it.