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Chrisyoung1954 Sun 01-Oct-17 18:48:58

Any Grandparents in or near to Eastbourne who are Special Guardians? We are now SG's to my 9 years old grandson who is suffering from complex traumatic stress disorder. It's tough. Would love to have someone who's been there, doing it or done it!

Grandma2Two Sun 20-May-18 09:01:42

I have sent you a private message.

pigleteer Mon 29-Oct-18 19:14:51

i find myself in the same position as yourself. my husband and i will be special guardians for our two and a half year old grandson from 9th nov 2018. i will have to stop work, what payments are we entitled to , if any at all . any help advice and guidance gratefully recieved

Sielha Tue 30-Oct-18 23:12:37

I’m not in this situation but how wonderful that there is such support available on here. I wish you well

Elaine67 Sun 18-Nov-18 18:08:07

We are to our 7year old granddaughter.
Never had a penny thought you couldn't would love to know.
Enjoy its good but tiring.