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ninakumari Tue 12-Dec-17 11:50:21

Hi ,

So my dad is becoming increasingly more frail and needing more help with basic support as well as I am worried he is becoming very isolated at home. I unfortunately live too far away to help on a daily basis.

I would love to find someone who would just help him around the house and keep him company however I am not sure what I would be looking for.

Has anyone else wanted to get similar help either for themself or for an older relative, and if so where did they get it from?

glammanana Tue 12-Dec-17 12:46:24

Get in touch with AgeUK and they will point you in the right direction as regards support available and maybe arrange for regular visits to your dad as part of their friendship schemes
they could arrange for days out to a centre where he will mix with other people they collect and return of luck.

humptydumpty Tue 12-Dec-17 16:26:43

I recommend

A friend has used it for her mother, and it's worked out really well.

Fennel Tue 12-Dec-17 17:48:08

When my Mum had a stroke and was partially disabled she wanted to stay in her own home. She was still very much "all there."
Ideally we could have tried to find a live-in companion, she had the room for one, but I didn't know where to start.
There must be many fit single people who are looking for a live-in job, but how to find someone you can trust? And who is compatible with the older person?
humptydumpty's link above could perhaps have helped.