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An unusual clothing request

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MrsJamJam Sun 11-Nov-18 12:23:59

My mother, aged 91, is moving to sheltered care where she will be able to use a hydrotherapy pool supervised by a physiotherapist. She is very disabled with PD so this could really help her but when she said "Darling, will you order me a swimming costume" I have to admit my heart sank. She is at least a size 20/22 and because of her disabilities a very odd shape. She certainly couldn't struggle into the average lycra offering!

Has anyone any good ideas about where I might start the hunt? (I have to admit that I did briefly consider one of the hand knitted ones that she and my Granny blighted my early child hood with! Remember how they itches and dropped to your knees!)grin

Nannarose Sun 11-Nov-18 12:35:53

I wonder what you mean by 'an odd shape'?
I am a size 24-28 (depending) with arthritis, and a keen swimmer. I usually buy from Amplebosom.
Lands End have a good selection of swimwear in larger sizes, including separate tops and 'short style' bottoms. I'd also look at their exercise wear in general.

I also think I'd ask the care home (they sometimes have restrictions on what fabrics can be worn in pools) and the physio (who will have seen it all!)

PECS Sun 11-Nov-18 12:38:49
but maybe a separate top and bottom as in ' tankini' would be easier for her. Presumably someone will be helping. It maybe that shorts and Tee are premitted in the hydro therapy pool.

MissAdventure Sun 11-Nov-18 12:40:32

Simplybe have larger sized swimming costumes (and they're in the sale at the moment)
I wonder if they would allow a pair of bikini bottoms and a t shirt in the pool though.
I know what you mean about the shape.
Hope you can find something.

Fennel Sun 11-Nov-18 12:43:32

"a separate top and bottom as in ' tankini' would be easier for her."
That's what I was thinking. eg a pair of briefs which won't fall off in the water. And a tee shirt - maybe slot elastic round the lower seam.

trisher Sun 11-Nov-18 13:05:43

Is she concerned about showing her body off? If so you might like to look at what Muslim women wear.
Must admit I was thinking I could do with something like this now to cover the wrinkles!

MiniMoon Sun 11-Nov-18 13:50:18

This is from "hydrotherapybrisbane".
We ask people to wear pool-suitable clothing, this can include commercial swim wear or gym wear. Heavy fabrics (such as cotton t-shirts) absorb water and become heavy, lighter weight polyesters tend not to absorb so much water. Boardies (surf shorts) and a rashie (surf top) are easily found and suitable for the pool. On your first session any swimwear, gym-wear or light-weight shorts and top would be fine. We can discuss with you other options after you have experienced your first session. If you are worried about what to wear one of our very experienced staff members is happy to speak to you over the phone. Being in pain, certain surgeries or being over-weight can all make the idea of swimwear less than pleasant but we have ways to make this easier for you.

Cold Sun 11-Nov-18 14:37:53

Ulla Popken has a great range of plus sized swimwear - I do hydrotherapy twice a week and usually get mine from there

Luckygirl Sun 11-Nov-18 15:22:57

I have a Triumph Doreen swimsuit which I have seen on larger ladies than I and it looks great. I am a 14-16, but it definitely looks good on the better endowed.

I would also think a tankini might be good because the two bits are not joined, but the top is often long enough to overlap the bottom. It would be more comfortable I guess.

MrsJamJam Sun 11-Nov-18 16:37:23

Thanks for all the suggestions. The advice from hydrotherapy Brisbane seems very appropriate so I will delay buying anything until we have consulted with the physiotherapist.

Fennel Sun 11-Nov-18 17:17:36

Until a few years ago I loved swimming in the sea, but was finding it rather cold. Someone suggested wearing a long sleeved blouse on top of your costume, which keeps in your body heat, and it does work.
I'm not saying you should send your Mum off into the sea though, MrsJamJam smile.

Charleygirl5 Sun 11-Nov-18 17:24:21

I do not possess a swimsuit these days and I had to go to hydrotherapy x3 sessions post knee replacement and I had no intention of buying a swimsuit. I wore a T-shirt and bought very cheap lightweight shorts.