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newist Tue 04-Dec-18 15:51:47

I hope I have the right forum to ask this question. 1 year ago my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, after many various scans they also found an 8cm aorta aneurysm, since the diagnose I have not left him on his own mainly in case the aneurysm bursts. my question is can anyone offer advice on how to keep caring for him patiently because he is becoming very difficult mainly because he was born with dyspraxia , Thanks in advance for any advice offered

EllanVannin Tue 04-Dec-18 16:15:33

Have operations for both ever been discussed ?

I ask because a neighbour (70's ) had his affected lung removed 12 months ago and he's now fine.
Secondly another neighbour was 90 when his aneurysm was drained and stented and he's fine too at 93.

The dyspraxia shouldn't be that much of a problem unless his coordination is really bad. It's not such an uncommon problem really.

newist Tue 04-Dec-18 16:27:44

Thanks for replying, last December and January he had every test possible to be told nothing can be done, because it is all to close together and he would not survive the operation, he is now starting to fall over and going vacant , not being fully aware of where he is. he has now got an alarm on his wrist, the trouble is he is still trying to prove he can do things, if I get a shower for example, yesterday he stood on a chair to change a light bulb, I had tl sort of grab him before he fell

Daddima Tue 04-Dec-18 16:41:07

I’d give McMillan a call, they can help.

I need support for myself or someone else
The Macmillan Support Line can help with clinical, practical and financial information. Please call us on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm). If you would prefer to send us an email please complete this form.

newist Tue 04-Dec-18 16:56:14

We have a McMillan nurse who is so lovely, she has helped in many ways, last week she organised our bins to be collected to save me doing it, but what he says to her and what happens when she goes is worlds apart, 2 weeks ago he didn't know the difference between being constipated and having trouble peeing,it turned out to be an enlarged prostate, which is now sorted