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Seeking Opinions on Charity Run Scheme

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Epsilon Tue 16-Jul-19 15:35:54

Hello all! I am a volunteer at a charity that offers services to carers and elderly people who have become socially isolated. We currently offer a free phone service to those most in need, however we do not have the funds to provide for as many people as we would like and we are keen to expand our service as much as possible.

Considering this we are planning to run a paid service that provides regular phone calls to the elderly and isolated. The phone calls would involve chatting with them about their lives generally and encouraging them in their interests as much as possible. The profits from it would then be used to expand our free service.

It would seek to offer a consistency that free services can’t match and would have better trained and more experienced paid staff working on it.

Does this sound like something that you might suggest to an friend/relative/carer who has become socially isolated?

MissAdventure Tue 16-Jul-19 16:04:01

Yes, I think it's an excellent idea.
Anything that keeps people in contact with others is all for the good, I think.

grannyactivist Tue 16-Jul-19 16:49:14

It sounds as if what is being mooted is a two tier service: if you can pay you get the 'A' team of 'professionals' and if you can't you get the 'B' team of 'volunteers.

Sorry, but if it were my charity I would be looking to increase fundraising so that everyone gets the same service, whether they can pay or not.

M0nica Tue 16-Jul-19 16:52:15

I am not sure about this. To have a volunteerfrom Age UK ring me and have a general chat about whatever I want to talk about this week is one thing. There is an element of freedom and give or take and a chance of a relation growing up between volunteer and the isolated person

To know that someone is paid to ring you is very different. Can you guarantee that the same person will ring every week, or will it be whoeever is available? With these schemes, getting that rapport between the two people at each end of the phone is very important. If the person is going to change from week to week, I do not think it would work.

Abuelamia Tue 16-Jul-19 17:08:52

Is this Silver Line , you are discussing? I certainly am not in favour of a charity offering a paid service. It would be much better to increase fund raising

Epsilon Mon 22-Jul-19 09:28:39 This link provides more information about the service. It is designed with flexibility in mind!

Epsilon Mon 22-Jul-19 10:56:58

Thank you so much for all the responses, they are really useful! We will bear them in mind as we continue with the project.