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thisisnotme Wed 13-Nov-19 20:35:34

Apologies in advance as this might be longer than originally intended as I don’t want to drip feed.

I live at the opposite end of the country to an elderly parent who is becoming increasingly frail and unable to cope.
A social worker has been to assess the situation and will put thrice daily visits in place for medication and suchlike.

However my parent also needs help with a weekly shop. Apparently cash needs to be made available in my parent’s home so that a carer can do the required shopping.

SW suggested that I might ‘consider’ making a 1000 mile round trip to deposit cash in in my parent’s house- needless to say I am not amenable to this suggestion.

I’ve looked at pre-payment cards but overall I don’t think this is the answer. Online shopping is not feasible for many reasons.

I am completely stumped at to how to manage this therefore any suggestions/experiences will be gratefully received.

SueDonim Wed 13-Nov-19 20:50:33

Do you have a trusted friend or neighbour in the area who would do this for you? Or you could consider sending cash by registered post, if that's still available nowadays.

Scentia Wed 13-Nov-19 20:54:02

If a carer is willing to do a shop, then would a click and collect order from Tesco not be a viable option, you order and pay online and the carer drives in to collect it.

Luckygirl Wed 13-Nov-19 22:09:50

I used to do an ASDA shop for my Dad (100 miles away) every week - I just rang him and asked what he wanted - he had given me his credit card number - and then I just did his shop online and it was delivered to his door. You can do online shops from your home and have it delivered wherever you want. Very useful if you are going on holiday too.

I have even done this before leaving for Switzerland - and there was the food when we arrived!!

Luckygirl Wed 13-Nov-19 22:10:48

I see you have said online shopping is not possible - but it looks as though you have a computer!!!

thisisnotme Thu 14-Nov-19 09:53:29

Thanks all.

I didn’t know about click & collect as it’s not a service available where I live. However having investigated I see that this is something we could utilise where my father lives - thank you for the suggestion.

The power of the collective Gransnet minds come to the rescue again!

Daisymae Thu 14-Nov-19 11:22:22

You can also send cash by special delivery. It's a secure way of sending something valuable. It's about £6 but worth it for peace of mind. Maybe useful in the future.

Luckygirl Thu 14-Nov-19 11:25:56

If you are able do click and collect, you are able to do an online shop and delivery, which is even easier.

thisisnotme Thu 14-Nov-19 12:31:12

Thanks to Age UK I’ve now arranged with a local charity for someone to do a small weekly shop on his behalf.

Online shopping and delivery (not click and collect) wouldn’t work as his requirements are minuscule as there’s usually a minimum spend required and he literally could not cope with have to put shopping away.

Again thank you for all the suggestions, I have no doubt I will make use of them in the future.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 14-Nov-19 13:06:17

I have had a similar problem with my daughter. We do online shopping. We have an account with ASDA and she can manage to get into it look through the goods and put them in the basket. I can then look at what she she has ordered, make any changes and pay for it. I don't feel its safe for her to have large amounts of money in the house as in the past some has gone missing.

Would suggest the click and collect from a nearby store. Also for money could a carer take your other to a ATM once a week or month to withdraw a small amount to keep for when she needs the the odd item.

Barmeyoldbat Thu 14-Nov-19 13:07:09

Our messages crossed.

boodymum67 Sun 17-Nov-19 12:27:30

OP said on line was not feasible for a variety of reasons..not that she couldn't do on line shopping per se