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Needing a Support Group we can visit

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Halsgran2 Mon 20-Jan-20 09:53:06

I have a European project for parents, carers, supporters, mentors, coaches etc who are supporting adolescents with learning difficulties, autism, etc. we have been doing for 18 months now and I cant seem to get collaboration going in the UK. The other partner countries are visiting us 28/29th February and I need somewhere to take them to see a parents or grandparents support group or a school. Preferably Staffordshire or if not will need to base them somewhere else. I have been in touch with SEND but getting desperate now. I know this is Gransnet but (its a long shot) you must have grandchildren whose parents access support? We have a FB Project Gp which I will put a link to if anyone is interested. Thanks in anticipation.

Halsgran2 Mon 20-Jan-20 10:02:49

Sorry slight error... 27/28th February.