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Can texts disappear?

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Greymar Thu 06-Feb-20 19:47:12

I'm putting this here as a main carer claims she has sent texts. I have not received them. Am I being naive?

dragonfly46 Thu 06-Feb-20 19:49:15

I have had texts disappear in the ether but not recently.
Check first that the carer has sent them to the right number.

midgey Thu 06-Feb-20 19:49:45

I have found that some times text take ages to appear.

HurdyGurdy Thu 06-Feb-20 19:50:39

I don't think they generally disappear, but I've known texts take literally seven hours to reach the recipient.

One friend berated me on day for texting her at 3.30am. I had, in fact, (and could prove it to her) sent the text at 5.24pm.

ananimous Thu 06-Feb-20 19:54:02

Sounds bull imo. Maybe last decade.

DillytheGardener Thu 06-Feb-20 19:55:34

I had this issue a month ago, none of my messages were sent, friends were cross, and two weeks later they received them all at the same time. O2 had no explanation hmm

Greymar Thu 06-Feb-20 20:03:28

I understand a delay but not a disappearance. Its so sad. Tryst gone.

Tangerine Thu 06-Feb-20 20:06:49

Not so much these days but I used to find that, years ago, they didn't always arrive and have definitely had the experience of them taking a few hours to arrive.

rosenoir Thu 06-Feb-20 20:42:09

I do not have a good signal where I live so texts often do not go through however it does say "undelivered try again" but not immediately.

dizzyblonde Thu 06-Feb-20 20:46:04

I have had texts from my husband appear after a week or so. He’s been able to show me them sent so he definitely wasn’t making it up. He does have an old Nokia phone, don’t know if that makes a difference.