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boodymum67 Fri 15-May-20 16:11:17

Just fired my 3rd agency. It is never the carers but the management that cocks everything up...from not getting a care plan, last minute changes to rotas for no good reason, lack of return of calls, wrong invoicing etc

I`m now employing 2 carers direct. Agencies are a joke!

LadyBella Sat 16-May-20 18:17:24

We're lucky here with good ones. If you happen by chance to be in Devon I'll let you have details. Otherwise probably a good idea to employ direct. Very difficult situation - until you've experienced all this, you have no idea.

Jane10 Sat 16-May-20 18:27:16

Employing direct isn't easy either. The plain fact is that not enough people actually want to be carers at the best of times. Recruitment and retention is an absolute nightmare. That's not much comfort to you I'm afraid. Sorry.

Barmeyoldbat Sat 16-May-20 18:36:01

My daughter is on second lot of carers, and is happier than she has ever been been with her carers. Ok they are chaotic at times, mostly weekends and Bank Holidays either coming in late or not turning up but their hearts are in the right place. I was asked by ifI would employ the carers but I refused point blank. I know from others who have taken this path is that it b....y hard work with loads of paperwork and at 73 I don't want to take on more work, just do less of i\

rachaelc Mon 25-May-20 18:29:58

I'm so sorry to hear you've had such bad experiences with care agencies. I had similar struggles with care for my mum when was diagnosed with dementia aged 56.

I decided to set a up a home care company to try and make it better. We are young but it's going well so far. We have an app that gives you the care plan, details of all the Carers, and soon you will be able to pay though the app too so no more confusing invoices! If you are interested you can find us at No pressure at all, just in case you were interested.

I'd love to hear what could make an agency better. I'm really passionate about making this nightmare easier for people so if you ever felt like speaking to someone about your experiences and how they could be better I'd be so grateful.

In the meantime, I hope you find a solution that works better and do reach out if we can help!

boodymum67 Wed 24-Jun-20 14:54:08

Hi Rachel, it does sadden me to have to fire an agency and causes me all sorts of anxiety.

If you`re asking for tips from a caree's point of view, here are some

1. make sure you aren't over working your staff......some of mine were doing 50/60 hours a week.

Zero hours contracts may have benefits for employers, but it seems unfair to carers. They daren't say no to extra hours incase they lose out.

Keep in touch with clients. Make sure care needs are being dealt with fully.

Good luck Rachel. and thank you for the opportunity to voice my concerns x

Luckygirl Wed 24-Jun-20 15:01:31

I have tried to click on live-in care on your services drop-down box and when I try and get to it it vanishes! So that is suggestion one!!!!

I was only looking out of interest to see how you organise it, as my OH has now died, but I cannot begin to tell you what chaos it was trying to organise his care!

Serendipity22 Sun 28-Jun-20 11:33:01

I was a carer for a agency for well over 11 years and we were wonderful, dedicated carers but the office management was ABSOLUTELY BEYOND BELIEF !! ( More so for the last care agency I worked for ) I stayed over 11 years with the same agency for the simple fact that I loved the ladies land gentlemen that we went to and they built up a trust and friendship with us, it was truly rewarding, I loved every second, but as I say those in the 'office' were beyond belief ....

annsixty Sun 28-Jun-20 12:09:36

What I found with the agency I used, and this also applied to the care home which my H was in for 4 months before he died, was that the managers in both cases had been carers themselves.
Why did they not remember what it was like?
In the case of the care home the manager had absolutely no “person“ skills either with residents or families.
I made an official complaint about her as a person and she was almost instantly promoted into a more senior position within the head office of the company.
I am still trying to reason what that meant.
At least the families didn’t have to deal with her negative attitude any more.

Teacheranne Sun 28-Jun-20 12:54:56

We used a care agency for my mum before she went into her care home. We had no complaints about the agency, it was a local franchise for a national company. The manager was very helpful when we first approached them, taking time to explain things and advise us. The carers formed a small team of three ladies who were the only ones who visited mum, each was was personally introduced to mum before they started. They arrived on time and did the full hours, we had security cameras outside the house and in the lounge and kitchen so could see everything - obviously the agency were aware!

They used a Whatsapp group as a daily record and means of communication, we could add a comment and the carers wrote something every visit, management read the posts as well. The work for mum was easy, although she had Alzheimer's, the plan was for them to spend two hours there each visit to cook a hot meal, sit with mum while she ate and provide company. Sometimes they went for a short walk or did some chair exercises or pottered in the garden or even sang songs together.

I would recommend this agency to anyone.

MissAdventure Sun 28-Jun-20 13:02:55

That sounds fantastic!
It's lovely to hear of an agency getting it so right. smile