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Please help in the vote that counts.

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georgiel Sat 19-May-12 21:50:51


I'm a supporter of Age Cymru (the welsh partner to Age UK), who support all older people in wales. They campaign on behave of older people and offer support to older people in Wales.

They are in a competiton to win £15,000 which they would use to "to provide specific information and advice on how to recognise abuse (financial, emotional, physical, neglect and sexual); how to spot the signs and where to go for help".

If you could spare a minute to vote for them it would be brilliant. You would just need to click on the following link:

Thank you

glammanana Sat 19-May-12 23:52:14

Whilst I agree in monies going to charities of this kind I find that they want to much personal information from me ie e-mail address/home tel no,it is Age Cymru wanting to win the money for the cause so I don't understand why my details are required,so I have declined the invitation to respond as I know in a few weeks time I will be bombarded with e-mails and unsolicited phone calls.

Bags Sun 20-May-12 05:43:23

I agree that this is far too intrusive.

Ariadne Sun 20-May-12 07:49:03

Oh, I'm glad you both said that! I had a look, but am unwilling to give all that information, which might be sold on. We've discussed charities' aggressive tactics elsewhere, and this is intrusive.

goldengirl Sun 20-May-12 15:28:45

georgiel It's a shame that details are required. I have a lot of time for Age Cymru having taken part in the P is for the People campaign last year and was invited to speak to the Health & Social Care Committee of the WA as a result. Good luck with the competition.

Jendurham Tue 06-Nov-12 11:59:50

I do not understand this, because Ageuk was the reason I am on this website.
We had a retired solicitor come to our house from Ageuk Durham, and he helped us fill in all the forms to get more money from DLA.
We are not unintelligent. Ken was an architect and I was a teacher, but we needed help to get all the financial help we could.
When Ken applied for DLA for care, we were told by DLA people that if they looked at his claim again, he could lose his mobility allowance as the rules had changed. This despite the fact that he now had cerebellar ataxia, and was always losing his balance and falling over.
Unfortunately, Ken only got this extra help for six months before he died, but it was a help.
I would not say that anything Ageuk does is perfect, but I cannot understand why you use this an an excuse not to give.

Anne58 Tue 06-Nov-12 12:28:53

I'm a bit confused by this. Yes, I agree that I would be reluctant to give me phone number etc, but having clicked on the link to have a look, you are being invited to vote for one of 6 charities in the North East of England, and there is no mention of either AgeUk or Age Cymru.

Jendurham, as I understand it no one is being asked to give money, it is a vote that is asked for.

harrigran Tue 06-Nov-12 13:03:33

Sorry, all fields are mandatory hmm
There is enough information there for people to get all they need to know about you. Last week five charities sent me letters and DH got two. I did put a cheque in one envelope but the donkey sanctuary and the cat's home went without. While there are homeless people on the streets animals will have to wait, money is not elastic.

Anne58 Tue 06-Nov-12 13:11:31

I agree, it does say all fields are mandatory and I get quite enough unsolicited calls as it is, so therefore will not be filling in my details.

But I am still confused as to why georgiel is asking for votes for AgeCymru, when they are not one of the charities listed? Is it perhaps the wrong link?

absentgrana Tue 06-Nov-12 13:15:30

This is a postcode vote, so the charities listed will be ones local to you. AgeCymru will only be listed for Welsh Gransnetters. Btw The terms and conditions go on forever.

Anne58 Tue 06-Nov-12 13:17:11

Absent that doesn't seem right either! When I clicked I got a list of charities in the North East.

I live in Devon confused

Ana Tue 06-Nov-12 13:56:47

You'd have to fill in your details before they'd be able to give you a local list to choose from, phoenix! wink

Jendurham Tue 06-Nov-12 14:07:14

I did not click on the link before, but it is actually the Postcode Lottery, so they are after your money, as well as your vote.
Phoenix, I do not understand your response to me. All I was saying is that I would not be on Gransnet if it wasn't for Ageuk helping us get more DLA. I would rather give money to Ageuk Lottery. Do not know who runs the Postcode lottery but it's bound to be private. I'd rather any profit went to Ageuk.

Anne58 Tue 06-Nov-12 16:48:10

Sorry Jendurham it was this that confused me "I would not say that anything Ageuk does is perfect, but I cannot understand why you use this an an excuse not to give."

I read that as you thought it was donations that were being asked for. Sorry for any confusion!