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Why do machines always break down when you are busy? [hmm]

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Synonymous Sat 19-Dec-15 13:25:14

Isn't it weird how thing break down or go wrong when it is most inconvenient. Trying to make royal icing when the food mixer decides to die is a bit of a nightmare! shock

janeainsworth Sat 19-Dec-15 13:38:24

Think yourself lucky synonymous that it's only your food mixer.
My washing machine flooded the utility room yesterday and DD1, SiL and 2x DGC arrive for a week on Tuesday.
I've already texted her to tell her to do her washing before she leaves home, rather than bringing it with her which is her usual modus operandi tchhmm

granjura Sat 19-Dec-15 13:47:43

LOL in your case jane- perhaps it is a blessing, and the message will get through sad

Yep, it's generally called sod's law, no?

kittylester Sat 19-Dec-15 14:36:04

Some Gners will remember my panic at Christmas two years ago when my dishwasher died with about 10 days to go before the big day. We sorted it out and had the new one fitted just in time. The 'new' one broke two weeks ago and, because it kept doing the same thing, we were offered a free replacement. Luckily it came on Thursday but I was starting to worry!! grin

Why is this under Charities?

ninathenana Sat 19-Dec-15 15:09:02

Good question kitty
I had to smile at the annoyance of a broken food processor and dish washer (I'd be cross too) when I think of my childhood a food processor was mums wrist and elbow and a dishwasher was called dad tchgrin

janeainsworth Sat 19-Dec-15 15:27:57

Indeed gj tchsmile
nina I have no idea how they managed. My mum didn't even have
a fridge till I was 10 shock
And the shops all shut at 5 o'clock shock

Nelliemoser Sat 19-Dec-15 15:38:17

Ah Yes! Our returning children who bring their laundry with them.

We have just had a new washing machine but OH is struggling to geh the outlet pipe to stay in place.

I hope the dishwasher holds out. It is 13 yrs old now but the holders on the bottom rack are all breaking off now and new racks are about £60 at the cheapest. Its a question of whether buying a suitable basket is worth it.

Synonymous Sat 19-Dec-15 15:43:07

Kitty - Goodness knows why it is under charities as I (tried?) put it under chat!

ninathenana - DH's wrist has become my food mixer. grin

gangy5 Sat 19-Dec-15 16:46:28

My dishwasher is under guarantee and broke down on the 25th November. Many phone calls and emails later I've been promised repair on the 24th (Christmas Eve). I'm very concerned that it won't get done as I've lots of visitors over the Christmas period!!
Yesterday I threatened to name names on social media and will do so if it doesn't happen!!
Up until now I have tried to remain calm but am now getting wound up over it. This is definitely unacceptable - don't you agree??

M0nica Sun 20-Dec-15 07:01:28

A few years ago I replaced my dishwasher just before Christmas. It broke down on Christmas Eve. I had 5 extra people staying for 5 days and to complete the occasion I went down with a really nasty virus of some kind.

My main memory of that Christmas is two of my visitors more or less living in the kitchen with their arms in the sink doing the washing up.

kittylester Sun 20-Dec-15 08:00:23

I do have the horrors that one or other of my freezers/fridges will die! It would be a nightmare!