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How can I donate a cooker?

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GrannyCarrots Thu 14-Mar-19 11:13:19

I would like to donate a cooker to a women's refuge or similar, it's electric so will need an electrician as well. I also have other goods in great condition to give but can't find out how to go about this! Any ideas?

Teetime Thu 14-Mar-19 11:26:24

Lots of towns have a Furniture Project often organised by the local council in partnership with a charity. They will let you know which Items they are looking for. Also Emmaeus may have a shop locally which collects furniture.

Luckygirl Thu 14-Mar-19 12:22:26

It is called Full House round here - most areas have similar.

LadyGracie Thu 14-Mar-19 12:42:27

British Heart Foundation collects items in our area. I don’t know about cookers though.

Nelliemoser Thu 14-Mar-19 13:32:43

British Heart Foundation
There is a local one to me in Crewe who has under taken to supply furniture good furniture and are doing a very useful service. I am quite sure there are a number such places who do this.
And various such charites will welcome you if what you have is usuable.
It does a service for givers and those in need.

M0nica Thu 14-Mar-19 17:05:16

Your local Emmaus shop