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Greenfinch Thu 06-Jan-22 18:13:07

I support this charity because I am impressed with the work they do . Before Christmas they were asking for donations to provide the homeless with a Christmas dinner. An excellent idea. However I have noticed that the cheque has not been cashed so the money will just go into general funds. Is this deception or something we just have to accept?

EllanVannin Thu 06-Jan-22 18:15:56

There's never an inventory showing where money for charity goes.

Septimia Thu 06-Jan-22 18:20:20

It's possible that the money for Christmas was partly taken out of general funds in order to ensure that no-one missed out. In that case, your cheque (and my online payment) might go to reimburse the general fund. So, in a roundabout way your donation will have done what you intended.

Greenfinch Thu 06-Jan-22 18:23:26

Oh yes, I can see that Septimia .

MerylStreep Thu 06-Jan-22 18:27:23

I’ve been a volunteer at the Salvation Army Xmas day lunches.
All the food was donated by local shops.

Esspee Thu 06-Jan-22 18:32:27

I have heard the Salvation Army referred to as “Christianity with its sleeves rolled up.”
I think it describes the organisation perfectly.

Cabbie21 Thu 06-Jan-22 18:34:30

But without staff, venues, cooking facilities, energy costs, the lunches would not have happened, so I would not begrudge a donation going into general funds.

Gwyneth Thu 06-Jan-22 19:00:00

I’ve always had a great respect for the Salvation Army. I think they do a huge amount in helping homeless people.

Aveline Thu 06-Jan-22 19:04:21

I'm always happy to support the Salvation Army. I'm not bothered which aspect my donation goes to.

Iam64 Thu 06-Jan-22 19:09:39

I posted earlier but the gremlins ate it. I always donate to the SA collection boxes, I send money to its Christmas appeal, I take decent clothes, household items to it’s local shop.
It’s always been one of our family charities. I admire it’s work with outsiders i our society.
Espee i hadn’t heard that description but I love the description of Christianity with its sleeves rolled up

AreWeThereYet Thu 06-Jan-22 19:12:17

I have heard the Salvation Army referred to as “Christianity with its sleeves rolled up.”

I've never heard that but I would agree with it too. They're one of two charities I donate to regularly. I know two people who have worked for the SA for years (one part time) and I have a tremendous respect for the work they do.

Greenfinch Thu 06-Jan-22 19:34:11

Oh , thank you for these different ways at looking at the situation.

Shelflife Thu 06-Jan-22 19:43:52

I too support The Salvation Army , I think they are very genuine and I give knowing my donation will be spent as they see fit.

lemongrove Thu 06-Jan-22 21:13:53

Me too, it’s my main charity ( that I support) they do such good work day after day.I don’t mind which projects they spend my money on.

User7777 Thu 06-Jan-22 23:58:52

I sent a cheque as well before Xmas. Not cashed yet either.

Grantanow Fri 25-Nov-22 09:44:14

I regularly support the Sally Ann because they work with down and outs.

Skydancer Fri 25-Nov-22 09:47:31

My parents always supported them. Dad said that in WW2 they were always there helping. He said they were brilliant.

Lathyrus Fri 25-Nov-22 10:04:10

I don’t know about Salvation Army banking arrangements, but a smaller charity that I volunteer for is restricted in the numbers of cheques it can present to the Bank at any one time.

I imagine the Sally Army has had thousands of cheques from all over the country. Yours may be waiting for the next “tranche” to go in.🙂

silverlining48 Fri 25-Nov-22 10:09:00

I have just posted a cheque to them too. I think they go good work.

lixy Fri 25-Nov-22 10:11:55

I too support the Salvation Army - they do a great job here and I'm happy to trust them to do the best they can with my money.
I was at school with an SA member and she was a very loyal friend.

Witzend Fri 25-Nov-22 10:19:15

I always donate to the SA in December.
One year I won a big hamper in a raffle just a few days before Christmas. TBH the house was already pretty much stuffed with food or it was ordered - we were expecting guests - so I thought of phoning the local SA to ask whether they’d like the hamper.
Someone arrived literally within about 20 minutes to collect it!

BigBertha1 Fri 25-Nov-22 10:31:17

We are big admirers of the Salvation Army and support them as often as we can. we shall be making our usual Christmas donation. Not all charities have poor governance arrangements.

henetha Fri 25-Nov-22 10:35:58

I'm another regular supporter of the Salvation Army and admire the work they do on the streets, and with locating missing people, and many other good works. My links with them go right back to my childhood when they were very active where I lived.

joannapiano Fri 25-Nov-22 11:36:20

DD works with the homeless in the Bedfordshire area and said the Salvation Army does admirable work. I donate to them all year round.

25Avalon Fri 25-Nov-22 11:40:18

I support the Sally Ann’s too. They don’t ask who people are, just are they in need such as the homeless. I’m sure most of the cheque will go for Christmas dinner but all the causes they help are based on actual need and are very worthy.