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Superdrug are accepting empty tablet strip packs

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DaisyAnne Wed 20-Jul-22 23:41:40

(Copied this from an FB Post - I hope it's okay to post it.)

Superdrug are accepting empty tablet strip packs and working in conjunction with TerraCycle who will convert the packaging into reusable raw materials preventing empty packs spending a lifetime in landfill.

What’s more, Superdrug are supporting Marie Curie for each empty blister packet that gets recycled as part of the ‘Little Packs, Big Impact’ scheme.

They suggest checking online to see if your local store is part of this.

Aldom Wed 20-Jul-22 23:56:23

Useful to know. Thank you for posting the information. smile

grannydarkhair Thu 21-Jul-22 00:28:43

? Thanks.

Oldbat1 Thu 21-Jul-22 09:39:55

Sadly not my store.

henetha Thu 21-Jul-22 09:41:16

That's brilliant . I will check my nearest store, 5 miles away.

Auntieflo Thu 21-Jul-22 10:00:13

I saw that a while ago and dutifully saved up a month's worth of foil strips. DH took them to our local Superdrug, but they don't subscribe to the scheme. Shame.

Largolass Thu 21-Jul-22 10:04:56

No longer accepted at my local Superdrug.

BlueBalou Thu 21-Jul-22 10:07:00

We’re lucky, our village post office store takes them.

DillytheGardener Thu 21-Jul-22 10:12:09

Thanks for the tip! Thanks to my back medication and dh pills I throw an awful lot of them out, I’ll have to keep a little box aside to keep them in.

Elegran Thu 21-Jul-22 10:16:18

Great to know! I saw just before CoVid that a pharmacy in town was accepting them, and started putting them into a small poly bag to take in. I haven't been near that pharmacy since, so I now have a carrier bag full! I must check with my local Superdrug.

kittylester Thu 21-Jul-22 10:28:06

Ours has been doing it for a while - hope they still do.

Gymstagran Thu 21-Jul-22 10:58:17

They have been doing it for quite some time but it is only the stores that have a pharmacy in them

twinnytwin Thu 21-Jul-22 11:24:41

Our village has a monthly Repair Shop where folk can take their broken items to be repaired. They've also started to collect empty tablet strips (and other items such as old make-up, empty tootpaste tubes etc) to take for recycling. I always have a full supermarket bag to take.

CurlyMops Sun 24-Jul-22 11:41:05

I saved a dustbin bag full of them, then phoned my local store to find they weren't collecting any more. Gutted. In the end, sent them with recycling in the hope that they might know of somewhere to send them. Such a shame.

Theoddbird Sun 24-Jul-22 11:47:50

Brilliant. I will look up my nearest store to see if they are. If they are I will save mine until I am in that area ?

DaisyAnne Sun 24-Jul-22 12:03:10


They have been doing it for quite some time but it is only the stores that have a pharmacy in them

That sounds right Gymstagran. Now I have checked, the one in our small town isn't doing it and doesn't have a pharmacy. I wonder how many do. The bigger town near us (big enough to sport a Betty's Tea Room) doesn't have a pharmacy either, as far as I can see.

I might put a call out on our latest FB page as it does seem such a good idea.

Gabrielle56 Sun 24-Jul-22 12:08:39

I watched a documentary about Terra cycle not doing what they should with waste that they're paid an obscene amount of money to "recycle" try and find on the web , half of what they claim they're doing is literally " rubbish" !!!

Chardy Sun 24-Jul-22 12:23:21
It's only for certain over-the-counter meds
Anadin, Panadol, Nexium, Piriteze, Rennie, Nicorette, Imodium, Sudafed & Benadryl

PollyDolly Sun 24-Jul-22 12:43:57

This is old news. My local branch were. collecting them up until 18 months ago but had to stop as they were getting overwhelmed with them as they had to wait for the collecting bins to be collected.

EmilyHarburn Sun 24-Jul-22 13:06:50

Our local church collects them and superdrug collect from them. They do not saythere are any limitations on the types of pack.

maggic Sun 24-Jul-22 13:12:01

I can fill a carrier bag per week with the blister packs of medication keeping us alive - two pensioners and an elderly dog with a heart condition (thank God for the NHS - only have to pay for the dog’s meds!)

GraceQuirrel Sun 24-Jul-22 13:36:30

Google “Is recycling a waste of time?” and get your answer to this. I’m not a Guardian reader but this is one of hundreds of articles. Recycling plastic basically makes YOU feel better but produces more pollution in doing so than making it from new. The only way to help the environment is to NOT use it in the first place!

Bazza Sun 24-Jul-22 13:42:27

I thought they were recyclable anyway as aluminium, I’ve been putting mine into our recycle bin for years!

Alie2Oxon Sun 24-Jul-22 13:51:57

I've been collecting the all-aluminium ones and passing them on to my sister, who takes them to recycling.

Does this thread mean the part-aluminium ones can be recycled?

Sueki44 Sun 24-Jul-22 14:42:21

Our village has been collecting them for ages!