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Charity wills .. very odd experience

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Sweetie222 Wed 02-Nov-22 01:57:55

Has anyone gone through this process? How did you find it?

Judy54 Wed 02-Nov-22 17:20:53

Can you tell us a little more about the odd experience so that we can try and understand the responses you are looking for.

Blossoming Wed 02-Nov-22 18:16:10

I wondered the same, what was very odd about it?

Judy54 Sat 05-Nov-22 16:52:40

We will probably never know Blossoming as Sweetie222 has not come back to tell us.

Sweetie222 Wed 09-Nov-22 13:11:41

Hi, Sorry didn't get back sooner.I arranged to do a will where someone does it "free" and the charity gets the £40 donation.

Very personable young man came round, established what my wishes may be and also very keen to know exactly how much my assets were ...

He then proceeded to mansplain how he could set up a Trust to ensure that my house couldn't be sold if I went into care.

After an hour of this I asked if we could get on with the will. He told me to go online and do it.

maddyone Wed 09-Nov-22 13:18:49

Sounds dodgy to me.

Sweetie222 Wed 09-Nov-22 13:27:50

It seems that the well regarded (Trustpilot, Moneysavingexpert) part of the scheme is a cover to sell other financial services.

The Trust (that I don't want) would have been around £4,000 and Power of Attorney i think £600, although you can do it yourself.

Reviewers on Trustpilot talked of someone coming round, and preparing the will ... this guy just did a selling spiel.

Judy54 Wed 09-Nov-22 17:23:51

Glad you have come back Sweetie222 I agree it does sound odd and rather dodgy. Perhaps look at other options/costs before deciding which Company or Solicitor to use. Good luck!

Lucca Wed 09-Nov-22 18:09:33

I did mine with a local solicitor …in their office ! All very easy . I wouldn’t have accepted someone coming to the house.

Charleygirl5 Wed 09-Nov-22 18:15:47

I agree with Lucca and that is what I did. The solicitor is very local so if I have to make any adjustments in the future there should not be any problem.

Harris27 Wed 09-Nov-22 18:24:38

Go to your local solicitor he’ll do it for a fee you will get it done right.

Tizliz Wed 09-Nov-22 18:47:46

See here to get a free will in November. We did it a few years ago, was asked to make a charity donation.

Sweetie222 Thu 10-Nov-22 00:08:28

Tizliz, the link you've shown is similar to the article that led me to the Air Ambulance charity will organisation. I trusted the source or wouldn't have had someone come round to the house.

I guess I'm mostly wondering if it's an outright scam (by the so called will providers, not the charity) to get leads to sell other financial services.

FarNorth Thu 10-Nov-22 00:59:57

Your visitors does sound dodgy Sweetie.
I'm another one who made a charity will with a local solicitor.
I think that's the best bet.

Granarchist Thu 10-Nov-22 09:18:20

Be aware these charities usually employ paralegals to draw up the wills - NOT solicitors. if you have anything remotely complicated please go to a solicitor. You can then leave a legacy to your favourite charity via your will.

Tizliz Thu 10-Nov-22 18:39:39

If not a scam it seems over complicated. We made an appt during will making November with a local solicitor and it was very simple - probably gives the junior some extra experience. Our will was very straightforward.