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Midlands Firefighter Lost in Channel Swim

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V3ra Wed 21-Jun-23 23:32:30

BBC News - Charity swimmer Iain Hughes missing in English Channel

Sadly the search for Iain Hughes has been called off.
He'd been training for two years for this charity swim. Such tragic news.

V3ra Wed 21-Jun-23 23:36:34

If anyone wants to donate, this is Iain's JustGiving page.

We have good reason to be very grateful to West Midlands firefighters in our family.

Kate1949 Wed 21-Jun-23 23:46:13

How sad. Thank you V3ra. We too have reason to be grateful to West Midlands Firefighters.

Primrose53 Thu 22-Jun-23 08:32:33

Dreadful news. He had a support boat ….. how did it lose him? Why were the RNLI not called in to help?

GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Jun-23 08:59:36

How terribly sad, someone trying to raise money for charity losing their life in the process RIP

V3ra Sat 24-Jun-23 16:54:49

Just an update for people who are interested:
Iain's fundraising target for his swim was £21,000.
Donations are currently over £49,000.

BlueBelle Sat 24-Jun-23 17:09:48

How can that happen I thought the accompanying boat always kept the swimmer in sight

Smileless2012 Sat 24-Jun-23 17:13:45

What a terrible tragedy; heartbreaking.

Mollygo Sat 24-Jun-23 17:18:37

What a tragedy. A dreadful outcome of trying to help others.

Oldbat1 Sat 24-Jun-23 18:33:11

Oh how very sad. Support boat????

tickingbird Sat 24-Jun-23 18:36:25

So tragic. RIP

kittylester Sat 24-Jun-23 19:04:56

It made me quite cross that this happened while all the news was about very rich, self indulgent people in a submersible.


V3ra Sun 25-Jun-23 07:59:11

Yes I felt the same kittylester

Freya5 Sun 25-Jun-23 08:39:39


It made me quite cross that this happened while all the news was about very rich, self indulgent people in a submersible.


Every human life Is precious. What a nasty comment.

tickingbird Sun 25-Jun-23 08:48:37

Here we are again with ‘rich people’ comments. Says a lot.

kittylester Sun 25-Jun-23 09:08:16

What exactly does it say Tickingbird?

tickingbird Sun 25-Jun-23 09:15:27

A lot!

kittylester Sun 25-Jun-23 09:24:50

Can you explain please?

Dickens Sun 25-Jun-23 09:31:19


Here we are again with ‘rich people’ comments. Says a lot.

I have to agree.

The news coverage of the lost submersible was intense because of the dramatic nature of the event, and the media always exploits such incidents.

I don't believe in disparaging 'the rich' simply on the basis of them being rich.

Mollygo Sun 25-Jun-23 09:36:18

They were all doing something they wanted to do, whatever the reason, whether they were rich or poor, whether they were working for charity or paying for a thrill.
Now they’re all dead.
Both tragedies.

V3ra Sun 25-Jun-23 09:48:12

Mollygo quite.

I was just disappointed for Iain that his tragedy seemed to be barely acknowledged in the news because of the worldwide interest in the submersible tragedy.

rafichagran Sun 25-Jun-23 09:58:19

I wish people would stop comparing this death to the submersible tragedy, all life is precious, it is not about rich or poor all deaths are a tragedy.
I am glad the donations for the cause Iain swam for are doing so well.

kittylester Sun 25-Jun-23 09:58:55

I agree too.

I would still like to know what Tickingburd thinks it says about me.

Shelflife Sun 25-Jun-23 11:13:59

kitylester, I understand where you are coming from but don't understand your logic. Yes ,the men in the sub. we're incredibly wealthy but when did being incredibly wealthy render them unworthy of compassion - do you think they deserved to perish in such a horrific way?

What is it about peoples wealth that irritates others to foster attitudes of such huge resentment - no I am not a wealthy person , far from it. Please stop and rethink , how would you feel if one of those incredibly wealthy men were a family member!! I have seen a few reports ( one from a member of my family!) in the same vein , demonstrating a complete lack of empathy / sympathy. Please let show human compassion.

kittylester Sun 25-Jun-23 12:28:38

Other people's wealth doesn't bother me at all but the news channels concentrating on that and not mentioning the poor man doing his bit to help was appalling.

A fair few judgements being made here. The OP was, I thought, complaining about the lack of coverage for him

Of course I have compassion for the families of everyone lost.