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jangly Thu 28-Jul-11 14:06:23

Grandson's birthday coming up tomorrow, and then I'm off to Anglesey to search out Wills and Kate some nice sandy beaches.

If you do hear of a some old bird insisting on being rescued by helicopter from halfway down some (perfectly safe) cliff, DON'T WORRY.

Anyone else going on hol next week - have a lovely time. smile

Baggy Thu 28-Jul-11 14:09:21

Have fun incorrigible ..... I mean, jangly!

jangly Thu 28-Jul-11 14:12:08

Thanks Bags

glassortwo Thu 28-Jul-11 14:44:12

Have a lovely holiday jangly what are we going to do while you are away grin

numberplease Thu 28-Jul-11 15:12:24

Enjoy Anglesey jangly, it`s lovely there.

Notsogrand Thu 28-Jul-11 16:02:02

Have a great holiday jangly. (Tell Kate I loved her dress)

greenmossgiel Thu 28-Jul-11 16:36:02

Have a lovely time jangly - hold on tight! grin

grannyactivist Thu 28-Jul-11 19:13:24

Aw - we'll miss you. I hope we'll get to hear all about it when you get back. Hope the weather stays clement and you have a whale of a time. grin

pompa Thu 28-Jul-11 19:59:36

JANGLY you are back !!!!!! have a great holiday.