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New M&S advert.

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Ariadne Sun 06-Nov-11 21:32:56

have you SEEN the M&S Christmas advertisement?

HildaW Sun 06-Nov-11 22:08:49 it so very bad it requires capital letters?

Ariadne Sun 06-Nov-11 22:12:20

Sorry! But I think so - X factor. But now a Morrison's one has come on with Bruce Forsyth. Wonder who Sainsbury's will have? And Waitrose? And Tesco. What fun!

gracesmum Sun 06-Nov-11 22:24:32

I feel a serious "Bah Humbug" moment coming on!

glammanana Sun 06-Nov-11 23:18:30

I must admit I would rather watch Freddie Flintoff than Sir Brucie green and I could have Freddie as our new pin up until Single Handed come's back for the next serie's.wink

JessM Mon 07-Nov-11 09:20:42

I associate Freddie with disgraceful display of inebriation on an open topped bus ... have they really used him in an advert? shock

Ariadne Mon 07-Nov-11 09:21:03

Couldn't agree more, Glammnana!

JessM Mon 07-Nov-11 09:25:11

oh just watched M and S on line - particularly fine moment when a big burly man pushes Twiggy in a display of "joke violence". (It's a wonder she wasnt decked out in a basque in the shot)
Lets complain to the press complaints about violence against women - shall we?

susiecb Mon 07-Nov-11 09:37:11

No havent seen this yet but I do hate the Next one - what on earth are they wearing a long flag or an airhostess uniform - and how does anyone get their legs to be that thin?

GoldenGran Mon 07-Nov-11 10:37:05

Horrible advert, what has got into them?

JessM Mon 07-Nov-11 12:37:15

I am outraged by this advert - A man pushing a woman like that in an advertisement is really not acceptable. Not funny or clever. If a boy did that in school he would be in really big trouble, no excuses.

For anyone who hasn't seen it (and has fairly fast internet)
The rest of you will have to wait until you watch telly...

AIBU? I don't think I am.

Carol Mon 07-Nov-11 13:07:43

I think this link is last year's Christmas advert?

gma Mon 07-Nov-11 13:48:41

Must agree gammanana!! Anything better than Brucie, and did you see the advert for his 'new' CD, Who do I dislike enough to buy it for??
What is it with 'celebrities' and Christmas advertising. Why BF advertising Morrisons? does he shop there and get free groceries, is it designed to make me think that if it is good enough for him them I should shop there, and Delia and waitrose, posh shop = posh cook maybe. Lets have your suggestions for celebs advertising your favourite shop. Joanna Lumley for Poundland, Laurence and Mrs Llewellyn Bowen as the new faces of Primark, Ricky Tomlinson for John Lewis. !!!! Looking forward to gransnetters comments......wink

glammanana Mon 07-Nov-11 14:20:25

Ricky Tomlinson would do well advertising Dixcel toilet tissues, "my ----*

crimson Mon 07-Nov-11 14:27:21

I haven't seen it yet, but have been feeling recently that Twiggy is now past her sell by date. It was refreshing when they first used her [and very clever] but she is being airbrushed almost to the point of annihilation now.

JessM Mon 07-Nov-11 15:29:19

Oh dear I feel like an idiot. blush

yes this years is rubbish but at least they are not beating up women on it!

nanajan Mon 07-Nov-11 17:07:56

Having just spent a weekend at my daughter's where I had to endure the X-Factor I do now at least recognise some of the people in the advert, and its obvious that the young guy with all the hair(is it freddie?) who managed to stay in the contest this time around definitely cannot sing as well as some of the other contestants, and this comes overy glaringly in the advert.

Mishap Mon 07-Nov-11 17:36:57

I have seen the advert and missed all the references, and now that I know that it is based on the Xfactor I know why!
I just thought it was tasteless and did M&S no favours at all.

NannaAnna Mon 07-Nov-11 18:43:34

Ummmm ..... just googled it. What on earth is wrong with it? It's a Christmas ad for a High Street retailer, with X Factor finalists singing "When you wish upon a star?" Am I missing something???

gracesmum Mon 07-Nov-11 19:39:05

The link I saw here just seems silly and wouldn't sell me anything. However, Twiggy pushed the guy (who he?) first and it was hardly serious. However, the emphasis on partying and dancing and jollification just makes me feel like Eeyore! Is this this year's M&S ad? I have not seen it yet on TV.
On a more serious note, how many lonely people are going to be pushed further into depression by all these completely unrealistic illustrations of happy smiling families with tables groaning under the weight of food and drink? All the supermarkets are guilty but I saw last night that Morrison's apparently have fresh turkey crowns (might be off by 25 Dec) and "Christmas Quiches" whatever they might be.
I want to shout - this is not Christmas for 99.9% of the population - don't be brainwashed!

NannaAnna Mon 07-Nov-11 20:17:42

gracesmum as someone else has mentioned - that's last years ad ;)

gracesmum Mon 07-Nov-11 22:57:07

Have just seen this year's ad and I find it inoffensive. My point about unrealistic depictions of Christmas stands though!!

kittylester Tue 08-Nov-11 10:30:02

As NanaAnna said - it's just an advert!

jingle Tue 08-Nov-11 10:43:21

Well, I liked the one jess linked to!

This year's one is a finger down throat job. All the junk of the x-factor, and then some.

I suppose it will appeal to the masses. hmm

jingle Tue 08-Nov-11 10:44:53

NannaAnna - IMHO it's the finalists of the x-factor that is wrong with it. grin