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Enough already............[ fsmile]

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jogginggirl Fri 09-Dec-11 08:56:32

I got up early (ish) with a plan - well, sort of.........and I'm still sitting here catching up with g/
Who else starts with a plan at this time of year and doesn't stick to it...........?

syberia Fri 09-Dec-11 08:58:30

I often have a plan, but then I switch the pc on............

grannyactivist Fri 09-Dec-11 09:06:15

Guilty as charged. I'm off to Falmouth today to visit my son and take him out for a birthday meal. I'm surrounded by Christmas gifts that need wrapping and I haven't packed my bag, but I just NEEDED to see what's happening on GN. When I have finished my mug of tea I'm definitely going. Back again on Sunday. fwink]

Grannylin Fri 09-Dec-11 09:12:20

Ditto!Only meant to have a peep and still here in dressing gown, half an hour later,thinking about making another cup of coffee.I WILL take the dog for a walk!

harrigran Fri 09-Dec-11 09:20:57

Step away from the computer ! I say this every morning and here I am. Thankfully I got showered before I switched on this morning. Workmen in every room except my bedroom so too bad I will have to stay here. The wind has dropped and everything is calm today except me because I have not started my shopping yet or written cards. [panic] [panic]

Annobel Fri 09-Dec-11 09:53:17

Laptop is glued to me. Dishwasher waiting for overnight dishes to be unloaded. Up to the knees in wrapping paper. Have to concoct minutes in time for meeting tonight.... Isn't GN a great displacement activity?

greenmossgiel Fri 09-Dec-11 09:59:46

I had to dress early so that I could hang my washing out - being very wary of the clothes prop this time (upper lip still a bit black looking..)! But now here I am again....must go and brush my hair though, then I will haul out all the presents, and sort them into the right bags - perhaps! wink

kittylester Fri 09-Dec-11 10:00:06

Life would be so much easier if people didn't post JUST after I've had a look and posted something. Maybe we could have a no go time slot - say 10 -11 am - so we can do vital stuff like getting dressed? grin

jingl Fri 09-Dec-11 10:01:16

harrigran - you haven't started your shopping yet?!! shock shock

Oh, you really need to start! shock

jingl Fri 09-Dec-11 10:01:55

That'll help with the panic, won't it? he he he! grin


jingl Fri 09-Dec-11 10:02:13

You've got loads of time really. smile

syberia Fri 09-Dec-11 10:08:40

I put the pc on, log on to GN, read all the latest posts since I last logged on, maybe add a comment, click on "last hour", read all the posts, maybe post a comment, click on " last hour....................................


syberia Fri 09-Dec-11 10:19:30

..............and I just did it again!! Now, I really AM off to have a bath and GET DRESSED!!!!!


glassortwo Fri 09-Dec-11 10:35:29

You are all a really bad example grin I don't need any encouragement, I was really good and have not turned the laptop on until about 5 minutes ago because I knew once I start I wouldn't stop, but once you turn on to check emails its a natural progression onto here, and I have a list the length of my arm to do so please kick me offffff. grin

lucid Fri 09-Dec-11 10:46:28

I should be writing my shopping list and getting ready to go out but the call of GN got the better of me grin Yesterday, OH went off to the dentist early and I said I'd have a shower and make a drink ready for his return BUT then I decided to have a peek at GN and when he returned I was still sitting at my laptop typing!!!! Whoops blush. Better go now......see you all later grin

shysal Fri 09-Dec-11 11:12:59

I have to be disciplined. I make myself bath, dress and do a few jobs before logging in, otherwise nothing would get done!

grrrranny Fri 09-Dec-11 11:42:38

I am still in tracky bottoms and fleece hoodie - I don't feel very guilty as I haven't really got to go out until much later and it is the first day to myself for a while and I've done shopping but not cards and I'm listening to radio on iplayer at the same time and - ok I should go and get a shower and get dressed - in a little while.

grrrranny Fri 09-Dec-11 11:51:51

oh oh - battery on netbook running out - that serves me right so I'll have to get dressed.

harrigran Fri 09-Dec-11 12:19:57

Can't go shopping jingl have a plasterer coming in an hour to repair hole in the wall from other day. Burglar alarm man that caused damage has to come back too because the CCTV equipment he installed and set up is completely wrong for a domestic property. Does anybody do anything right first time ? Thankfully I told DC they were not getting gifts but don't want to disappoint the GC. It might be nice to actually have food in my new fridge too, we are eatimg out of the store cupboard at present.

numberplease Fri 09-Dec-11 15:48:45

I must be one of the more disciplined Gransnetters. My laptop doesn`t even get turned on until mid afternoon, mainly because young grandson is here in the mornings, then after dinner I get my washing on before coming on here till nearly teatime, then if I`m lucky I get an hour later in the evening. Strangely though, there isn`t any extra housework getting done!

Ariadne Fri 09-Dec-11 17:32:35

The only problem with my beloved iPad is that it is here, on the settee, next to me when I sit down for my first cup of coffee (and, as some of you know, that can be as early as 3.15 a.m.) So it's as easy as picking up the newspaper, or a book.....

I do like to pop in now and again during the day too - and the ever ready iPad is right there! And if it's charging, there's always the iPod, which I had before the iPad. Oh my goodness, I need never leave the settee!

Whatever - so glad I've got GN and you lot! xxxx

Might even venture to the kitchen in a minute. But - sun, yardarm wine

gracesmum Fri 09-Dec-11 18:07:50

I actually went out to work first thing today (exam invigilation) and then had a long conversation with HMRC as I have apparently not paid enough tax - quelle surprise- and didn't get on here until late afternoon. Do we pay for these interminable waits until you get a human being to talk to at HMRC by the way? On my pension? Of course I will have to pay the tax back , but apparently not until April when they will take it over the next 12 months angry
But how to wean myself off the laptop? Maybe if I kept it in cold spare room instead of sitting room?
Hope DH doesn't expect food this evening as well

Nsube Fri 09-Dec-11 22:29:27

Oh, the iPad! Mine is known as Granny's toy, and when I need a break from reading the umpteenth story and building the umpteenth structure I explain that granny needs to check her emails. And the other stuff as well. It does keep me feeling that the brain cells are still in working order on the three grandchild minding days - even though I love him to bits.

silverfoxygran Fri 09-Dec-11 22:43:57

My excuse is the laptop keeps my legs warm - just think of the gas I'm saving by not having the heating on. I just tell DH to wear another jumper and stop moaning about the cold. wink

Ariadne Sat 10-Dec-11 07:06:52

Nsube does yours, like mine, have several children's apps? Favourite of the moment with the little GDs is "More Toast". Have you seen it? "House of Mice" is good too. (Just don't tell Crimson!)