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Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 15:18:05

What about this then, guess where he is going to start ? yes you at the back with the pretty blue ribbon , you have got it right . It here in little old Ipswich , some of you may be thinking where the b----y ell is that , well it is in Suffolk, some would say silly but not ME . I and the soh will on the quay cheering away on the 9th I think that deserves a [flag] bye bye

Ella46 Mon 20-Aug-12 15:33:01

What is happening?

glassortwo Mon 20-Aug-12 15:44:30

confused nonu enlighten us please, sounds interesting grin

Anagram Mon 20-Aug-12 15:50:13

Nonu likes to keep us guessing! wink

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 15:53:29

Silly old T--t forgot to tell you in excitment of it all , The Tour of Britain !!!!!!

JO4 Mon 20-Aug-12 15:54:53

Oh! And I haven't got a suffolk hol booked! hmm

he's going through Southwold too. Love Southwold.

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 15:56:10

Just to clarify last post , Idid mean I am the silly old T--T grin

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 16:00:52

I do too , and it"s NOT posh lal

glassortwo Mon 20-Aug-12 16:03:35

grin grin

JO4 Mon 20-Aug-12 16:41:58

Click on that blue bit!!!!

JO4 Mon 20-Aug-12 16:42:14

That was to Nonu

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 16:51:52

I DID and found it buttercup !

JO4 Mon 20-Aug-12 17:30:35

That's ok then daisy. smile

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 17:48:53

I think I would rather be a buttercup than a daisy, more sixties flower power,

Anagram Mon 20-Aug-12 17:54:17

I feel a song coming on.....grin

JO4 Mon 20-Aug-12 17:56:33

Nonu read my 'site stuff' post. (nobody else has hmm)

Anagram Mon 20-Aug-12 17:57:05

I did, but didn't think it needed a comment confused

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 18:30:41

Anagram , you are not going to start singing are u ? not in Lil"s bar now , however if u insist some thing tuneful and cheerful [wine I will have one to brace myself

Anagram Mon 20-Aug-12 18:33:35

Well, I was thinking of:

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 19:10:56

WELL. WELL, WELL , you sure know how to spring a surprise , good on u girlfriend, I have seen them before , oh didn"t I tell I moved on to some more . Strangely enough we are off to Detroit , where it all started in 2 weeks . Seriously , did u love that music , or are u too young ???? smile

Anagram Mon 20-Aug-12 19:12:16

Of course I'm not too young - I'm 61! Loved all the Tamla Motown stuff - used to dance round our handbags at the local Locarno to it! [frin]

Anagram Mon 20-Aug-12 19:12:40

frin? grin

jeni Mon 20-Aug-12 19:23:06

Fiendish grin perhaps?

Nonu Mon 20-Aug-12 19:30:22

You"re just a titty babbee u , i"m 101, and still boppin, will be in the killer heels this weekend in France

Anagram Mon 20-Aug-12 19:31:50

Are you allowed to travel at your great age? confused