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Digital photos = lost images ...

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Grannyknot Wed 05-Sep-12 09:42:59

I was sent a digital photograph recently of my MIL (who is lost to us through Alzmeimers although still alive) that a relative found on an old PC and it got me thinking about how transient digital photos are compared to the delights of going through old albums or even a box of family photos. I'm sure I read somewhere that digital photos are only looked at once or twice over time or much fewer times as compared to print photos. I know that I have looked at digital photos of our holidays over the last ten years very few times. And what about all the many places on the web where our photos are stored depending on the latest fad or pre social media. I'm sure many of mine are now 'lost' as I can't remember where they are ...not to mention the passwords for accessing them! sad

Hunt Wed 05-Sep-12 10:50:01

Very True, Grannyknot. Our son recently went on holiday near to the town where his Father lived when he was a baby. He took some little old black and white snaps of the house in the hopes that he would find it. Find it he did and the people in the house were so interested in the little photos and all he had to say about the house that he and his partner were invited in to tea and stayed for 3 hours.

Grannyknot Wed 05-Sep-12 16:21:02

That's a lovely story Hunt we did that with a house my DH grew up in, in Scotland, he was in the original photo and now we have one of him posing in the same spot in front of the house 40 years later! (we had it printed and have them side by side in an album).