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Trip to the vet

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gracesmum Thu 11-Apr-13 13:23:40

Well I am glad that is over. Grace was due her annual chek-up, booster jab plus a check on her eyes as she has an eye condition which is being kept under control with steroid drops.
First I had to check with the receptionist that there would not be any Border collies in the waiting room (as she hates them with a passion).
OK all clear there, just a curly puppy and a Jack Russell and they kept their distance. Then I had to warn the vet to muzzle her as she went for one of his colleagues 2 years ago when being "felt" round the sensitive bits! I also asked him to do the eye check first as once she was stressed it might get more difficult (actually impossible)to do a lot more. He looked askance as he is the senior partner and what do I know! Well sure enough, eye check - tick! Feel down the back and sides, hmmm, round the tummy and back legs - kerpow!!!! She screamed, snarled, jumped a mile in the air, ending up half in my handbag in the corner and although safely muzzled, still managed to spray the vet's face with frightened dog saliva. Told you so. hmm Her heart was pounding, she was trembling and so he did not do more "feeling"! The jab went OK as that was in the scruff of the neck and he even managed to trim a wonky claw on one paw, but am I glad we don't have to do that again for another year!!! smile

HildaW Thu 11-Apr-13 13:44:25

Its good fun isn't it gracesmum? Our very bouncy springer/vizsla cross is a handfull at the vets. Thankfully its only a small practise so we stay in the car until we get the call from the vet. Shes just super active thankfully and the vet says that she will settle down nicely by the time shes 8, (she is barely 2 at the moment!

gracesmum Thu 11-Apr-13 14:01:14

Grace is 10 and should have calmed down by now, but I sometimes think she is getting worse!

HildaW Thu 11-Apr-13 14:29:25

Oh dear gracesmum - I was hoping Poppy might learn to 'chill'.....hey ho!

merlotgran Thu 11-Apr-13 15:18:15

Peggy, our younger Jack Russell, is a perfect angel as far as the vet is concerned. She will let him do anything. I have to keep her on a short lead though as she comes out like a rocket, snapping and snarling at anything that gets in her way. If I carry her I get the, 'Aaaah, isn't she sweet' reaction from people in the waiting room. If the receptionist reaches out to stroke her she growls so why doesn't she behave like that for the vet?? Little madam!!

HildaW Thu 11-Apr-13 15:31:27

Weeeeeel Merlot, all I know is that our Poppy (female) is a real 'Daddy's girl' and far prefers it when OH takes her for a walk! She also gets very excited around Vet (male) nextdoor neighbour (male) need I go on?

HUNTERF Thu 11-Apr-13 16:23:10

Andie seems to always know when he is going to the vet.
He starts to squeal in the car and tries to get out of his safety harness.
Oddly enough the vet lives 3 roads away and he has a West Highland Terrier and he is one of Andie's friends. They seem to have a bit of a chat.
The vets dog must think he has got a cruel owner,


ninathenana Thu 11-Apr-13 17:07:28

I worked as a vets assistant for 10yrs prior to having the children. The Jeckel and Hyde dogs are not unusual. One particular basset hound would pull his owner through the door. Greet and slobber over everyone in the waiting room. Until the consulting room door opened then he would just sit and freeze.
Others including the biggest hairiest black G.S. you could imagine would have to be carried into the waiting room. It took 3 of us grin
In my experience it's often and I stress that word the case of small dog beware.

glammanana Thu 11-Apr-13 17:44:09

Emily one of our bulldogs who is sadly no longer with us knew the vet so very well he did infact assist with her delivery when she was born and so always took an active interest in her progress,she went to his surgery from 4 weeks old but hated it with a passion,she would growl and cry all at the same time she was so bad in the end he would sedate her when injections where due then give her an injection to bring her around again but by that time she was back in the car on her way home.