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So sweet

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j08 Sun 23-Jun-13 16:25:56

dancing to daddy's guitar

whenim64 Sun 23-Jun-13 16:41:24

Lovely! It's great havng twins around to make you smile smile

Nonu Sun 23-Jun-13 16:42:04

How adorable , I watched them all , reminded me of when my twins were that age .


Ana Sun 23-Jun-13 16:43:00

Oh, I love that! It's made my day - thanks jingl! smile

Aka Sun 23-Jun-13 16:53:07

Thanks from me too. I loved the way they looked at each other first as if saying 'I'm up for it if you are' smile

j08 Sun 23-Jun-13 16:58:39

I thought of you when! grin

Bags Sun 23-Jun-13 17:05:36