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Reverse psychology?

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Anne58 Tue 16-Jul-13 14:10:14

Afternoon all,

I was going to put this under the "Pets" section, but then I thought it could apply to some of our nearest and dearest of the human variety!

When the cats are looking for somewhere to have a snooze after a hard mornings hunting (or, in Lily's case a hard session of looking gormless) they will often show a distinct preference for a basket of newly washed and dried laundry.

They have a basket of their own (not laundry, obviously) on the landing with a lovely puffy liner but this is seldom if ever occupied these days. So, I have laboriously de-fluffed it, then hoovered my trousers, and am now going to wash it, hang it on the line and see if it then becomes an object of desire.

Digby will probably not bother as he has taken ownership of a blue plastic mushroom tray that I put in the hall ready to go out for the recycling. He overhangs it a bit, but doesn't seem unduly bothered.

PS Re the opening sentence, I was not implying that some of our nearest and dearest humans would ever contemplate getting in a laundry basket, just wanted to get that clear.

Riverwalk Tue 16-Jul-13 14:24:31

Phoenix as usual you're very harsh on lovely Lily - gormless is not a nice turn of phrase ..... but as ever, dozy Digby is indulged.

My late Trekkie, quite portly, once tried to snuggle down in an egg box - one that holds 6 eggs grin

Granny23 Tue 16-Jul-13 14:27:25

Oh, I don't know about the humans. Certainly when our DD2 (very early walker) was 9-18 months old her favourite place to toddle off and disappear for an afternoon nap was the washing basket. Then she learned how to climb into her cot and if lost, could usually be found there, fast asleep with a nightie or dressing gown over her day clothes. Funnily enough it is her sister DD1's daughter, our DGD2, who habitually makes herself wee beds in cardboard boxes, the cats' baskets, doll's cots, etc. and has impromptu naps.

Anne58 Tue 16-Jul-13 14:43:22

Riverwalk I'm giggling at the thought of a portly (lovely word!) cat in a half dozen egg box! I'm not really harsh on Lily, it's just that she is very strange. Sometimes I don't see her all day, she's taken up residence in the spare room, quite the sort of a feline Miss Havisham. (Although what expectations Lily might have can only be guessed at)

Yes, you are right dozy Digby (aka Squeaky Fatarse) is overindulged, I blame Mr P. Although he is proving very adept at catching flies, Digby that is, not Mr P.

Granny23 oh for a baby like that, bless the little love!

Although he would never put himself to bed, my DS1 (35 next month) did have a long held phase of trying some very odd places to make beds!