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ninathenana Wed 04-Sep-13 15:28:32

I've just had DD on phone in floods of tears. Haven't heard her cry since she was about 5. She had to leave her previous house 1st July as he wanted to sell. She has been waiting all this time for the return of her £2000 deposit. She has been told today that landlord will be taking her to court for extra on top of the £2000 for damage to the house!!!! and £700 to repaint one wall in 12'x8' kitchen.
She has the inventory with photos of what it was like when she moved in which was frankly a mess. Letting agent is fortunately on her side.
My brother is a landlord he says the guy is a chancer. Upset me to hear DD sobbing. Bloody man angry

sunseeker Wed 04-Sep-13 15:44:09

He is obviously trying it on. I suggest she ask the letting agent to inform him that she has photos showing the condition of the property when she moved in.

ninathenana Wed 04-Sep-13 15:50:19

She is in the process of doing that. Also will be seeing C.A.B. on Friday.

gillybob Wed 04-Sep-13 15:53:07

I am so sorry for your daughter ninathenana and I agree with your brother. My DH rented a flat for 6 months after selling our house. We paid a deposit of £1000 and the rent was over the top for the size of the flat and the area but we were desperate as the new owners pushed to get in asap. Anyway before we could move in we had to scub the flat from top to bottom, I took out all of the furniture and put it into temporary storage as it was disgusting. Had filthy carpets cleaned, took rubbish piled up in one room to the tip etc. When we left the flat the landlord said we couldnt have our deposit back as the stair carpet was dirty! Cutting a long story very short we did get the deposit back as I wrote her a very long letter listing everything we had to do to make the flat habitable and enclosed a copy of the small claims court forms that I intended to file .Less than a week later we received a scribbled note together with a cheque for our returned deposit.

seasider Thu 05-Sep-13 07:18:08

When did she move in? recent legislation requires the deposit to be lodged with a company that will act as arbitrator in situations such as this .CAB should advise your daughter. Good luck !

glammanana Thu 05-Sep-13 10:06:46

ninathenana Thats right what seasider says the deposit has to be put in a "deposit protection scheme" account and a copy of where it is held should have been given to your DD if the Landlord is running the business above board with regard to declaring all his business interests with "Mr Taxman" ? CAB will certainly put her on the correct way to go your DD should also keep any copies of correspondence she has had with this Landlord for future reference. Best of luck to her nina.

Eloethan Thu 05-Sep-13 10:20:53

Many people in this situation just give in - and that's what these unscrupulous landlords are counting on.

Your daughter has good documentation and, hopefully, the backing of her letting agent to challenge this. I hope the CAB can also advise as to what to do next.

Jendurham Thu 05-Sep-13 23:46:08

When we moved from rented accommodation, the landlady told the letting agent to keep the deposit until we had weeded the garden satisfactorily, or the agent would get a gardener to do the work, then charge us.
When we pointed out that the "weed" could be bought in the local garden centre, and was in many of the other gardens in the village, and that her own mother had probably planted it, she gave in and we got the whole deposit back. So definitely stand your ground.
I think Trading Standards should be the people to sort it out.

Nelliemoser Fri 06-Sep-13 08:55:06

My DD was preparing to leave a rented property to go traveling. Her friend had already moved out and the landlord, a solicitor, was coming to inspect the property.
After DD had met him she sent a text to her friend describing him as a "Hooray Henry" by accident she also happened to send a copy to the landlord as well as her friend. Silly woman!

He was not amused and got very snotty about delays in getting the property empty as the Meters had not been read. It was left in a respectable state, but the landlord withheld a small portion of the deposit to "pay for his time."
By this time DD was in Thailand and Muggins was left to sort it all out. Ah well!