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Just wanted to say hi

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poppy1 Thu 12-Sep-13 09:05:28

Im one of the newest granset ,
ive just retired and now live in france,
My main interest are gardening/countrylife living/ our 4 rescue dogs and my pride and joy "car".

Now ive got to the age of 64 (65) in january i dont really feel as i thought i would when i got to this age,

Yes im a bit stiffer in places (everything still works) and i do feel ive learnt a thing or two as the years have come and gone.

But the main thing is all those little things one is told when we we're all younger have come true,

"Like my gran telling me not to be cruel to animals, and always be yourself and not some other person etc etc,

Oh and always pull the chain after a visit to the loo, (musn't forget that one)

And the last one was "always read the small print and instruction books before you try out anything new.

The first car i bought with all swinging electric this & that caught me out big time,
I'd drove to the local supermarket some 5 miles from our home and on returning to my new bright grey car pressed the key fob and got into the car
"very proud" and then the horn started to sound, the alarm started, the fourways flashed and i just drove off

(No hand book in car) And i'd not even opened it anyway.

As i drove home bus drivers flashed me, people turned to look, cars slowed down and the drivers could be seen shaking their heads,

As I pulled into the cul-de sac and opened the car door i could see neighbours curtains twitching, And they must have been thinking whats that idiot doing now!

And then the three scruffy little kids standing there looking at me and asking "Are you the new ice cream man"???

I felt like victor meldew in real life as i replied No im not.

All this because i didnt read the bloody hand book!!!!!

Well i hope to hear from people like myself who enjoy the later years in life.

Nelliemoser Thu 12-Sep-13 09:13:35

Poppy Your'e another double poster. This has happened to me twice lately. Is it us or Gransnet? grin

shysal Thu 12-Sep-13 09:29:04

GN is behaving badly at the moment, but I know that I have double posted by mistake by using the 'back' key.
Welcome poppy, hope you enjoy it here. Your car story made me chuckle, that is the reason I will not have a car alarm - more trouble than they are worth, and we all ignore them when other people's go off anyway.

Lilygran Thu 12-Sep-13 09:50:51

Like the story, poppy. Hope you enjoy Gransnet!smile

numberplease Thu 12-Sep-13 16:56:33

Welcome Poppy1!