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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 22-Oct-13 07:55:56

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another wet day here in Brackley today, off to Oxford later, which requires 2 bus changes.

glammanana Tue 22-Oct-13 08:02:09

Good Morning,damp & dismal here to-day I'm off to hairdressers for a couple of inches off the mop so in this damp weather that will be a waste of money.

Nelliemoser Tue 22-Oct-13 08:12:20

Good Morning. Damp in Cheshire. I am off over the hills to see my little DGS. smile

Sook Tue 22-Oct-13 08:13:17

Good morning, damp and dull but it's fairly mild and breezy.

Sook Tue 22-Oct-13 08:15:15

Enjoy your day with him Nellie I look after DG2 on a Tuesday he is a lively little chatterbox.

Brendawymms Tue 22-Oct-13 08:32:44

Spent the weekend in Hoole Nellie. Slipped on the stairs between the Rows and sprained my ankle.
Weather in East Sussex is cloudy, dry but windy. Due thunderstorms tomorrow. Lovely, they get caught in the South Downs and go round and round.grin

Lona Tue 22-Oct-13 08:49:05

Gloomy and wet in my bit of Cheshire.
Why is it that when I plan a lie-in I always wake up early and when I've got to be up early I'm always asleep?

tiggypiro Tue 22-Oct-13 08:57:41

Dark, wet and gloomy here but feeling full of the joys of spring ! DD has just skyped to say she is busy buying flights to bring the 2 boys and herself over from Beijing for Christmas . YIPPEE !!!

Bez Tue 22-Oct-13 08:58:49

Good morning - we still have some sun most days but have also had plenty of rain. Today we are taking good friends out to lunch - celebration of our anniversary - using that as an excuse because we want to cheer them up as both have been a bit below par lately. Hope you days are all good.

Lona Tue 22-Oct-13 09:07:15

tiggy That's great sunshine

kittylester Tue 22-Oct-13 09:08:24

Good morning - grey and raining in North Leicestershire Which has done my hair no good at all. I've already walked DD3's dog and been and fed the cat so now it's my turn for breakfast. brew

Hairdresser's for me too later on. I'm having my highlights done but I have lots of bits of shopping to do too so I shall try to do that first or, as you say Glamma it will be a waste of money.

Have a good day all! sunshine

glammanana Tue 22-Oct-13 09:22:27

kitty at least you are going for something more glamourous than a trim,mine looks no different when it is cut just goes back up in a bulldog clip but shame has made me book in for the tatty ends to be trimmed off and the fringe to be taken out of my eyes,I will be able to see where I am going then grin

annodomini Tue 22-Oct-13 10:04:04

It's the kind of weather that makes my joints seize up. Now that the gardener has done his clearing work, I have a quagmire, but at least free of weeds!

annodomini Tue 22-Oct-13 19:02:44

Between showers, I braved the quagmire and went through the hedge where there's an old damson tree, quite moribund but one limb is covered with ripe fruit. There was enough within reach for me to pick a pound. Then I stewed them, and have spent 20 minutes painstakingly picking out the stones so that I can now add it to natural yoghurt. A match made in heaven.

Galen Tue 22-Oct-13 19:38:53

I went to help with DGD1 no sign of DGD 2 yet!
I had forgotten to take my iPad with me!
How can one be thoroughly discombobulated by a two year old's reproachful stare!

Nelliemoser Tue 22-Oct-13 20:29:07

When I got to DDs the weather was miserable and damp so we decided to take my 13month old DGS to a local museum just to get him out of the house.

He had a most wonderful time practicing his new found walking skills in a safe and roomy environment where no one was rushing about much.

It's a bit of a cynical approach to a Museum to use it just to exercise the baby, but he will one day be old enough to enjoy more than just the space to toddle about in and things to bang with his hands.

Galen Tue 22-Oct-13 20:38:24

DGD adores puddles.
She splashed so much her wellies had to be emptied!

Stansgran Tue 22-Oct-13 21:10:18

DGCs make puddles worth while. And aren't wellies beautiful these days? My ipad preferred willies and I'm so glad I read before I posted. I am shocked!

Galen Tue 22-Oct-13 22:03:58

Mine says well lies?

harrigran Tue 22-Oct-13 23:00:45

Rained on and off all day. Doorbell rang at 19.15, thunderstorm in progress, young man with just t shirt and jeans on trying to get me to give my bank details for charity. I felt sorry for him so let him stand in the rain and tell me that cancer was on the increase in our town and especially people over 60 were getting it more and more. Who instructs these chuggers ?

Tegan Tue 22-Oct-13 23:33:28

Tegan Tue 22-Oct-13 23:34:30

Nellie; for some reason you made me think of the above confused...

Nelliemoser Wed 23-Oct-13 19:14:03

I remember that Tegan. A Damn silly place to leave it IMO.
We did make sure that place was toddler proof anything breakable in cases. He really does need wellies but has only just started walking, he would enjoy puddle stomping, what kiddie doesn't.