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sunseeker Fri 25-Oct-13 09:05:30

I am used to presenters on our local radio asking some dumb questions but I almost choked on my coffee this morning when one, reporting on the fact that the presence of newts is holding up a development, asked the "newt catcher" (yes that's what he called himself) whether "...the newts know they have a big PR company looking out for them" confused

LizG Fri 25-Oct-13 09:37:49

grin missed that one Sunseeker do you think the newts have mobile 'phones and a direct line to the 'newt catcher'

sunseeker Fri 25-Oct-13 09:58:20

heaven only knows Liz - I usually like Radio Bristol and have it on most of the day but I do find myself muttering about the stupid things some of them come out with. Yesterday afternoon the presenter had a "guess the year" competition and one of the clues was the name of the "most popular panto for 1977" hmm. Perhaps I am just getting more critical in my old age. Also I have to switch to Radio 2 at 12.00 because I can't stand Steve Yabsley!

Galen Fri 25-Oct-13 09:59:36

Fraid I'm a radio 4 when I'm not working!

sunseeker Fri 25-Oct-13 10:08:52

I like the local news and some of the phone in programmes are interesting (although I can't understand people who ring a radio station when they have problems stringing a sentence together or those who think they have to shout in order for the rest of us to hear them!)

LizG Fri 25-Oct-13 10:21:57

Thank goodness I am not alone in disliking Steve Yabsley. Sadly when he is on it is the time I am most likely to listen ( used to enjoy John Turner) so now I don't bother. Do get an hour in the morning with my radio alarm though and sometimes send facebook messages if they are discussing something which interests me blush

Nelliemoser Fri 25-Oct-13 11:18:57

Who? I never do listen to local radio. I am afraid its radio 4 for me as well.

sunseeker Fri 25-Oct-13 11:22:15

Steve Yabsley is a presenter on Radio Bristol with a distinctly strange sense of humour. I know he has many fans but I just don't "get" his humour and even his voice seems to grate - so I switch to Radio 2 when he is on and listen to Jeremy Vine!

janthea Fri 25-Oct-13 11:39:52

I'm a Radio 2 listener when I'm doing the morning commute. Chris Evans plays some good tracks. To be honest it's the only time that I listen to the radio. Too busy at weekends and if I want music on in the background, then I play my iPod.