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Crash in Glasgow

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Brendawymms Sat 30-Nov-13 12:23:34

My thoughts and hopes for all the survivors of the tragic helicopter crash in Glasgow. For it to happen on st Andrews day makes it even more tragic. The bravery of those who rushed to help are the truly deserving of commendation.

glammanana Sat 30-Nov-13 12:34:49

Such a terrible tragedy heartfelt sympathy to all the families involved who have lost loved ones,although tragic it seems to affect us more with the time of year.

espy2701 Sat 30-Nov-13 12:45:22

Heart felt sympathy to all who have loved ones involved in this horrible tragedy. Thanks to all the members of the public and the emergency services for their bravery

ffinnochio Sat 30-Nov-13 12:56:05

Very saddening indeed.

Any loss of life or injury is dreadful, regardless of the day.

Nonu Sat 30-Nov-13 12:59:22

What a terrible thing to happen . Poor, poor people !sad

Agus Sat 30-Nov-13 13:19:40

So far we have been told there is 1 fatality but with more expected in the hours to come. The Glaswegian public have already been commended with so many people offering to help. The fact that this happened on St Andrew's Day, which has many celebrations in Glasgow, sadly means that those caught up in the tragedy will not be part of a happy celebration as everyone would have wished. Glasgow will not be a any mood for celebrating but will still mark the day. A truly awful tragedy.

Elegran Sat 30-Nov-13 13:33:00

120 people in the pub when the helicopter crashed. A black St Andrews day indeed for some of them.

thatbags Sat 30-Nov-13 15:24:06

Actually the crash happened yesterday evening, so not on St Andrews Day. Not that it matters when. The outcome is very saddening. I wish all those with injuries all the very best for their recovery. These out of the blue awful events are a terrible shock for whole communities.

annodomini Sat 30-Nov-13 16:29:01

Latest news is 8 dead including 3 helicopter crew and 14 seriously injured - the search continues. So sad for the people of Glasgow.

Agus Sat 30-Nov-13 16:58:19

I do realise it didn't happen on St Andrew's Day, my mistake. I heard from a friend about this tragedy last night. Not until daylight today was the full extent realised and so many references to St Andrew's Day have been mentioned. I am Glaswegian and was worried I would have a personal connection to what was happening, unfortunately my fears were realised.

grannyactivist Sat 30-Nov-13 17:27:37

Agus - sorry to hear that. flowers

Soutra Sat 30-Nov-13 18:19:27

Shocking - a helicopter coming down on a crowded pub is the stuff of nightmares. We do take their safety very much for granted though don't we?

thatbags Sat 30-Nov-13 18:53:39

agus, sorry to hear it has affected you personally – because of someone you know, I presume. A sad day.

Deedaa Sat 30-Nov-13 20:55:06

I'm so sorry Agus it's a terrible thing for everyone involved. You know that these tragedies are possible but you never really believe it will happen.

Penstemmon Sat 30-Nov-13 21:17:02

Very shocking any way when these tragedies occur but the more so if there is a connection with anyone directly involved.
Sorry to hear that is your situation agus

Lona Sat 30-Nov-13 21:27:17

Agus flowers

Agus Sat 30-Nov-13 22:18:44

My cousin's daughter was injured in this awful tragedy. Although she was injured I am so relieved to say she will make a full recovery. It's been a long,long extremely sad and worrying day. We are all shattered but so grateful she is alive.

LizG Sat 30-Nov-13 22:38:40

So glad your cousin's daughter will recover and send her my best wishes. A very sad and difficult day for many people and my heart goes out to everyone flowers

Flowerofthewest Sat 30-Nov-13 23:00:33

flowers to you Agus on this sad day.

annodomini Sat 30-Nov-13 23:07:49

Agus - what a worrying day for your family. I'm glad your cousin's daughter is going to make a good recovery but she must be very traumatised as well as injured. flowers

Kate13 Sat 30-Nov-13 23:23:21

Thinking of you Agus and your family. It's a terrible time for Glasgow. flowers

penguinpaperback Sat 30-Nov-13 23:30:35

flowers Thinking of all affected by this dreadful accident.

Agus Sun 01-Dec-13 09:55:37

Thank you all for your kind wishes and concern.

Fee is a very stoical girl but will be well taken care of by the family to ensure everything is done to help,her get through this.

whenim64 Sun 01-Dec-13 10:34:26

Agus flowers The more I hear about this terrible tragedy, the more surprised I am that the people inside managed to get so many of the injured out. One person was saying this morning that there was an organised and calm chain working to get as many people out as they could. Heroic!

Agus Sun 01-Dec-13 11:09:23

Yes I knew about this human chain When people completely disregarding their own safety to help in any way they could.

I'm sure it's not just a Glaswegian trait but I am also reminded of the time when people jumped in to handle those terrorists who thought they could bomb Glasgow Airport.