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Good Morning WEdnesday

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12Michael Wed 22-Jan-14 07:12:20

Good Morning Everyone,
Its still dark, but looks like rain as happened dovernight in Brackley.

Kiora Wed 22-Jan-14 07:44:00

Morning Mick much the same as usual here damp and dreary in kent. It's enough to make you feel depressed and miserable. Hope everyone has a reasonable day.. What more can you ask for in this weather. Oh for some sun and light to lift the spirits PLEASE!

Sewsilver Wed 22-Jan-14 07:45:20

Good morning Michael and Everyone, dark and wet here. Sitting here at the kitchen table having to stay still and upright fOr half an hour after taking my medication. Very boring so lucky I have you Gransnetters to chat to.

LizG Wed 22-Jan-14 07:47:10

Good morning everyone. Forecast not too bad here. Hopefully my daughter will be able to take her motorbike into work and not need to borrow my car! I still worry about her though.

NfkDumpling Wed 22-Jan-14 08:01:28

Overcast and wet and 'orrible here still. Hopefully it'll brighten later and we'll all have a lovely day.

Lona Wed 22-Jan-14 08:06:40

Morning all. It's damp here and rain is unusual!
I'm feeling a bit down today as dd's financial situation has hit rock bottom and massive changes will have to take place. My dgds know nothing yet, and it will hit them hard sad

Bez Wed 22-Jan-14 08:07:26

Good morning everyone - wet and dull here in Dordogne this morning - bit cooler too. Maybe the sun will come out for us all later today!

Nelliemoser Wed 22-Jan-14 08:18:08

Good morning all. It looks clearish in south Cheshire the sun is not high enough to really tell yet.

Sewsilver I do the sitting up straight for 30+mins with my Alendronic acid tablet on a Saturday and waste spend my time on GN.

ffinnochio Wed 22-Jan-14 08:21:21

Wet, grey and very chilly. A day for fireside musings and soup making.

Brendawymms Wed 22-Jan-14 08:27:11

Good morning from East Sussex. Another dreary day. Wet, cold and very low cloud. A duvet day I think but have to go buy some food for OH. I'm currently trying the no sugar diet so am eating different food as I'm also trying to loose weight for forthcoming holiday in the sun. Yes it does exist in some parts of the world.

whenim64 Wed 22-Jan-14 08:29:24

Another spring-like day here. Lovely and fresh in the garden and now I have a few snowdrops and some clumps of violets starting to emerge. I'll enjoy it while it lasts smile

lefthanded Wed 22-Jan-14 08:48:34

Another dull/wet/miserable day in South Wales. DW has her Slimming World meeting on Wednesday so that will take up most of the morning. After that, I think a trip into Cardiff might be in order.

Aka Wed 22-Jan-14 08:58:02

Was so looking forward to today. No childminding duties, managed to get ride of OH , OH was persuaded to visit his sister, so had a day entirely to myself. Bliss!

No! Sod's Law decreed I had to wake up with a sore throat, headache and stuffed full of cold. Verily someone 'up there' has it in for me sad

Thistledoo Wed 22-Jan-14 09:08:49

Good morning everyone, hope you are all well. Sun shining here, looks like a pleasant day ahead. Off to the vets with Jojo the British Shorthaired kitten, well he is 9 months old. This is a health club check not any health issue. He is crying for food all the time and I find it difficult not to give in to his demands, hence he is getting quite fat. So badly in need of some advice on diet etc. Choir practice this evening so that will test the sore ribs somewhat. shock

harrigran Wed 22-Jan-14 11:17:43

Good morning, grey and cool here after very heavy rain last night. Need some exercise and fresh air but don't know whether I can be bothered to get bundled up.

dustyangel Wed 22-Jan-14 11:25:10

Good morning all, very grey this morning but the sun is trying to get through now. I'm off out to lunch soon and the wind has dropped so at least I wont arrive looking as if I've been pulled through a hedge

rosesarered Wed 22-Jan-14 11:32:51

Sunny here in Oxfordshire. totally blue sky [but it IS 11.30] not sure what it was like earlier.Can somebody PLEASE get up a bit earlier than Mick [it won't be me though] to beat him in making the first posting of the day!smile

AlieOxon Wed 22-Jan-14 11:44:15

Sunny here too of course.
I went out to see if I could get a vase I saw yesterday - if it was still there - and I have got it. Thick blue-green glass, lovely colour, but moulded I think, not hand made.
And pots for my broad beans, and food.
And some tete-a-tete daffs which I will harden off and put outside, since I can't find any pansies yet here!