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soop Sun 02-Feb-14 11:31:48

PLEASE can anyone tell me why I cannot send a private message to you-know-who? I would like to know why she cannot be contacted please HQ. Many thanks in anticipation.

Elegran Sun 02-Feb-14 11:35:23

Are you sure you have the latest reincarnation. soop ?

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 11:40:14

Yes, Elegran. Do you know where she is?

Ana Sun 02-Feb-14 11:43:09

soop, I've just successfully sent her a PM.

Check the spelling - it's jinglbellsfrocks

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 11:45:41

glass...what do make of this? smile

harrigran Sun 02-Feb-14 11:48:01

Jingl isn't real, she is a figment of our imaginations, the alter-ego who says the things we dare not speak ?

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 11:59:24


kittylester Sun 02-Feb-14 12:01:24

Now that is more scary than the real thing - everyone's imagination conjuring up the same thing! shock

Galen Sun 02-Feb-14 12:18:16

Sh! V. A. L. D. M. O. R. T. ?

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 12:35:50

Galen confused Please spell it out for me. grin

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 12:36:39

kitty What am I missing? I'm a very simple soul. wink

Galen Sun 02-Feb-14 12:36:43

I think I missed an E out?

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 12:37:41


soop Sun 02-Feb-14 12:39:38

Can I just add that, glass was sent a message from jings. She, [*jings*] believes that she's been barred...and doesn't know why...

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 12:40:49

I do not like this sort of mystery. I like to know what's what and why. smile

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 12:41:58

Lara do you have an explanation, please?

kittylester Sun 02-Feb-14 13:07:19

Nothing in my post soop - just trying to be funny. I don't know what jings is supposed to have done this time - but, as you know, I always miss everything confused

Can anyone enlighten me too, please smile

Charleygirl Sun 02-Feb-14 13:07:51

Barred again?

Aka Sun 02-Feb-14 13:07:54

Here we go again. Please true or not true GNHQ?

Galen Sun 02-Feb-14 13:11:53

I haven't seen anything that would have got her barred?

annodomini Sun 02-Feb-14 13:21:46

I haven't spotted anything recently. Did someone report her for some contravention or other? Very mysterious.

Grannyknot Sun 02-Feb-14 13:22:01

Has she taken up ballet? Is that how you get barred?

Charleygirl Sun 02-Feb-14 13:25:44

I did not think that she had upset anybody within the last 48 hours. I have not seen anything written by her for a few days that would make anybody consider reporting her.

soop Sun 02-Feb-14 13:28:23

Well, if jings doesn't know why she's been barred, I assume we'll have to wait for information from Lara. I hate not knowing. It's unsettling.

kittylester Sun 02-Feb-14 13:29:29

Quite soop.