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NanKate Sun 16-Mar-14 14:14:54

It took me a while to discover the Profile facility on Gransnet. I think it is nice to be able to get a bit of a flavour of the person without them having to disclose too much about themselves.

I often click on someone when I have read an interesting post from them and when there is no Profile I feel disappointed that I can't picture them (I don't mean by photograph necessarily) their age and family etc.

What do others think ?

kittylester Sun 16-Mar-14 14:26:21

I agree nankate - people don't have to put too much and definitely no photos if they'd rather not but it's nice to add some 'colour' smile

Culag Sun 16-Mar-14 14:37:17

Funnily enough, ten minutes ago I turned the viewing of my profile off. I have never yet posted anything about my family online because I can't bear the thought of any of them recognising themselves or me! But I can see that the support given by members could be very uplifting so I may pour my heart out one day.

Anne58 Sun 16-Mar-14 15:00:41

Culag there is still a bit of info viewable!

petallus Sun 16-Mar-14 15:02:24

I sometimes click on a profile to see the age of a poster.

If someone is managing a huge amount of child-care for the DGC (or something similar), more than I think I could manage, I say to myself 'ah but they are probably younger than I am' and have a look.

Culag Sun 16-Mar-14 15:11:22

Thank you, Phoenix. I felt sure I had pressed 'save'. Must have had a Senior Moment! But I also agree that some info is interesting, so perhaps I shall just amend it.

Anne58 Sun 16-Mar-14 15:14:21

Aaaaah yes, Culag you have now gone black!

Maggiemaybe Sun 16-Mar-14 15:49:16

I'm proper nosy, NanKate, so click on a lot of names. Now that I've looked at your profile and know that you like Rummikub, I have to brag that I once entered a national Rummikub competition and found myself - to my family's embarrassment - playing in the regional finals sitting in the front window of a local WH Smith's. I came second (a huge surprise as I'd never actually played before and was winging it) and went on to come fifth in the first (and possibly last) national Rummikub championship in London, which featured in a half page spread in the Guardian. Perhaps you were there?!

nannyfran Sun 16-Mar-14 16:29:26

I was like you, NanKate and didn't realise about profiles for ages, I do enjoy looking at them and learning more about people, what a diverse lot we are!
Not being very technical, my photos are in short supply at the moment, I can't work find the ones I wanted to post.

NanKate Sun 16-Mar-14 16:46:21

Hello Maggie.

Great to find another Rummikub fan. I am far from accomplished but I do love the game and play it with my WI and the U3A.

Well done to you for being 'on show' in W. H. Smith - I did laugh at that.

What a coincidence I have the other two beautiful golden boys - 3 and 1. Aren't we lucky ? I am totally besotted especially when the 3 year old says 'let's have a cuddle Nan'

I love your idea of a happy marriage, mine is quite similar, however I am the tippler and DH is the occasional. In fact in 15 minutes time I will pour myself a nice glass of chilled sherry and start preparing the supper.

Yes I like Crime thrillers too, just started a Robert Goddard book 'Never go back'.

NanKate Sun 16-Mar-14 16:55:11

Hello Nanny Fran.

I agree it is nice to see all the different grans/nans and their male counterparts coming on this website.

I am an animal lover too, but sadly we have no animals now. I was just too upset when the last cat went that I couldn't face it again.

My son and family had two lovely cats which helped, but recently they had to be rehomed as my youngest grandson has major skins problems and allergies and cannot have animals in the house. The irony of it was that he loved the cats.

We love watching the rugby too.

I like your eclectic choice of Music from your profile from Elgar to Eric Clapton. I am from Elvis to Michael Buble and lots in between.

Nonnie Sun 16-Mar-14 16:57:14

I too am a rummikub fan.

Sometimes people need to keep their identity private for all sorts of reasons, I am one of those.

NanKate Sun 16-Mar-14 17:16:39

I can understand Nonnie why some people need to keep their anonymity in fact I too have to do that on certain websites.

What I like here at Gransnet is that you can put as much or as little as you like and call yourself anything you want.

I am glad I have found another Rummikub fan - what I like is that every game is different.

Gagagran Sun 16-Mar-14 17:28:40

There are reasons for all those who enjoy being part of Gransnet, but for one reason or another, find it prudent not to disclose too much information. It's not necessarily sinister but there could be, and probably are, a number of factors why those of us who keep fairly anonymous on here prefer to do that. There is a story behind every poster! We do not have to disclose the reasons why!

kittylester Sun 16-Mar-14 17:33:48

Of course not Gaga and I for one can respect that others may want/need to keep things anonymous. As I am really nosy, I like to be able to read about people if possible. We are a very diverse bunch, aren't we? sunshine

Gagagran Sun 16-Mar-14 17:39:51

Certainly are Kitty which is why Gransnet is so interesting. There is a safety factor involved for some of us though and I should probably leave it at that. smile

Soutra Sun 16-Mar-14 18:15:31

I used to have a profile and then we seemed to be infiltrated by what I am not allowed to refer to by the "t" word and I took it down because I felt revulsion at the thought of these despicable individuals having any access to my family or private life. I would prefer it if we all had to have a profile as I am by nature a trusting person. This incident made me feel different though sad

whenim64 Sun 16-Mar-14 18:34:26

Same here. I always had a profile and photos until a few months ago, but the unremitting influx of unpleasant t***ls made Gransnet feel insecure. Shame. sad

ninathenana Sun 16-Mar-14 18:43:39

I have to go Google rummikub confused

Ana Sun 16-Mar-14 18:49:02

Goodness, I hadn't realised there had been so many tr*lls knocking about! They must have bypassed me as being too uninteresting!

rosequartz Sun 16-Mar-14 19:52:22

Oh dear. Well I haven't got a profile and I am not lurking under a bridge.

However, everything we post is on the www. So someone somewhere could recognise us.

Lona Sun 16-Mar-14 19:53:24

Never Ana!!!" grin

Ana Sun 16-Mar-14 19:54:28

Quite, rosequartz. I think the tr*ll in question (at least, the only one I know about) was actually using information from profiles and sending abusive PMs to some members, though.

Maggiemaybe Sun 16-Mar-14 20:02:55

What a shame that anyone should feel unsafe on a site like this. sad

I prefer to think of all the non-profiled as having very mysterious and intriguing backgrounds - retired Mata Haris or Heads of MI6.

I've just googled Rummikub myself - my bid for glory was in 1991, but they still hold the World Championship every 3 years in some very exotic locations. Perhaps we should all polish our tiles and enter a Gransnet champion in 2015. grin It won't be me - I still had the semblance of a brain back then!

rosequartz Sun 16-Mar-14 20:04:43

If I knew what it was I could stand a chance (or not).