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Good Morning Saturday

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12Michael Sat 31-May-14 06:24:16

Good Morning Everyone,
Its another grey look here in Brackley today intend to travel up north today to Stocky.

Agus Sat 31-May-14 07:15:51

Good morning Mick

Beautiful sunny morning here in East Renfrewshire.

GDs stayed at ours last night. Both still asleep so I am enjoying a peaceful coffee in the garden then, at their request going for a picnic to Rouken Glen Park at lunchtime.

Enjoy your day everyone sunshine

Brendawymms Sat 31-May-14 07:30:36

Good morning from East Sussex. It looks like a lovely day today. Hope to meet other GN'ers in Burgess Hill today.

NanKate Sat 31-May-14 07:41:08

Morning Mick and All.

Looks like it is shaping up well for a nice day in the Thames Valley.

Off to a great second hand book shop, so am bound to come home with some good reading material.

Lona Sat 31-May-14 07:48:10

Happy Saturday all. Although the forecast for here says sunshine all day, it's pitch black at the moment! [slight exaggeration emo]

I'm at another 70th birthday lunch in Disley, so I hope the sun does appear.

NanKate I love second hand book shops, hope you find some good books sunshine

kittylester Sat 31-May-14 07:57:03

Good morning!

Dullish here in North Leicestershire but I'm off to North Wales for the week as soon as we've packed! I hope my house survives DD3 and the DGC while we are away!

Enjoy your days everyone sunshine

Nelliemoser Sat 31-May-14 08:00:06

Good morning from a grey Cheshire.

I am in all of a Granny angst today. 20 mnth old toddler DGS fell off a chair in his bedroom after climbing on the arm, he hit a wooden toy on his way to the floor a made deep cut in his top lip.

Taken off to the Children's hospital and was eventually seen seen by a maxillo-facial surgeon who has decided the deep cut needs stitching and it will have to be under GA as he is too young to do it any other way.

So family are off this morning to get it fixed with the poor little chap having been on nil by mouth since what ever time he woke up.

Mum was far more upset than DGS was yesterday after the initial bump. He was his usual bouncy self running around in the hospital waiting room and hunting snails and spiders in the back garden.

Send healing vibes towards South Yorkshire please.

Charleygirl Sat 31-May-14 08:14:36

A beautiful sunny and warm day in NW London. First load of washing out, second about to follow. Going to the gym shortly. Men are coming tomorrow to replace my front bedroom ceiling, ruined by a roof leak. Not looking forward to the mess.

Songbird9 Sat 31-May-14 08:19:54

sun, sun, sun in Kent. Hope it lasts. HAGD everyone

PRINTMISS Sat 31-May-14 08:50:02

Good morning all, a lovely morning here, and hopes for a beautiful day. Hope your grandson is o.k.*Nellie*, they are quite resilient I think, because they do no really know what is happening, and so do not sorry about it, as we do! Good luck with your meet up Brenda. Anyone know where Sewsilver is? Enjoy your days.

Elegran Sat 31-May-14 09:09:12

Sun shining here. I am setting off with my bus pass for a free tram ride to the airport and back, for no reason whatsoever except that this is the first day the trams are taking passengers, and it was my taxes that paid for them.

gma Sat 31-May-14 09:14:59

Morning all! Beautiful morning here! Our two youngest grandchildren here today as mum and dad going to a wedding. The programme today is...park, cooking, playing cards and lots of fun!! no housework, washing or anything domestic, until tomorrowgrin
Healing vibes to nelliemoser DGS -> -> ->

gillybob Sat 31-May-14 09:15:51

Good for you Elegran I love trams. Enjoy your ride.

I'm almost frightened to say that it is a lovely sunny morning here on the North East coast. Yippee. Still got heaps of washing from last weeks muddy half term trip to Yorkshire. You are one load ahead of me Charleygirl !

Have a lovely day everyone. smile

Silverfish Sat 31-May-14 09:31:44

Neliemoser, hope he is ok, at least they do recover quickly at that age, my little DGD had a fall yesterday and I was so anxious for the rest of the day.

annsixty Sat 31-May-14 09:47:17

Helpful and healing vibes winging Nelliemoser I am the world's worst worrier when my GC are involved.

Lona Sat 31-May-14 09:50:57

Nellie Healing vibes and sunshine for the little one.

Last evening my ds pulled into his drive whilst on the 'hands free' to me, dgd ran out to him and fell flat on her face!
I could hear her screaming and didn't know what had happened. I'm still upset for her [soppy nana] but later she informed me that she had a poorly knee, in a very jolly voice! grin

Sun is out (just) now!

annodomini Sat 31-May-14 10:02:15

Dry and bright at the moment. Thinking of your GS, Nelllie. Toddlers do bounce back quickly, as Lona has found out! But it's scary when you aren't there to kiss them better.

Tegan Sat 31-May-14 10:20:52

We were only talking about the Edinburgh tram yesterday, Elegran. The Nottingham one is supposed to be up and running later this year but we're not so sure it will be as they keep laying track the wrong way round; I hesitate before saying they have a 'bad track record' blush.

Elegran Sat 31-May-14 11:04:58

I wonder if it is the same firm. There were endless disputes while the Edinburgh ones were being laid.

annodomini Sat 31-May-14 11:16:14

I hope the trams are worth the massive upheaval, Elegran. When Princes Street was being dug up I almost wept! The Manchester trams have been a big success and are gradually working their way out to the suburbs. That said, there is considerable - and confusing - traffic disruption around the airport while they are laying the new line.

Tegan Sat 31-May-14 11:22:43

At least the second time they did it they realised before they'd concreted the track in confused.....

Elegran Sat 31-May-14 11:24:20

I already know that they are very comfortable, quiet and quick, as I was on the trial passenger runs earlier in the year. Whether they will be a commercial success remains to be seen.

There is only one route, from the airport through the Western business parks to Haymarket and thence to Princes St and York Place. Not much use if you want to go anywhere else.

I found an old map of the old tram routes, which were demolished in the late fifties. They went everywhere.

mcem Sat 31-May-14 12:25:16

Was in Edinburgh on Thursday (looking for wedding shoes, with no luck) and a
tram drifted past. Seemed very quiet and very long!
Having a lunch break while little DGCs play. I'd planned to have them overnight to let mum organise a birthday party for big DGD (14). Then all plans changed when mum was taken into hospital yesterday afternoon. Little ones may be here for a few more days! Party postponed! Won't visit today as she's having tests, but will tomorrow as Granddad and Granma (my ex and his wife) plan to take wee ones to the cinema.
I think we may be in for a hectic few days but I know DD is being taken care of and it's less worrying to have her in hospital than seeing her so unwell at home.

annodomini Sat 31-May-14 13:18:00

mcem, so sorry to hear this news. Hope it won't be long before things get back to normal. Your family are so lucky to have you around. flowers to you and your daughter

vegasmags Sat 31-May-14 13:34:28

Off soon via tram to the Royal Exchange in Manchester to see The Last Days of Troy, which has had rave reviews. I am rather wondering how Achilles sulking in his tent for ten years will be depicted ...