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good morning monday

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12Michael Mon 02-Jun-14 07:16:30

good morning everyone,
its cloudy but dry here in Brackley

gillybob Mon 02-Jun-14 07:44:53

Good morning Michael and everyone. It's a bit cloudy here on the North East Coast this morning. Off to work soon anyway then usual GC duties .

Have a good Monday everyone . smile

ninathenana Mon 02-Jun-14 07:49:14

Morning all.

Another grey start in N. Kent. Any takers for a horrible chesty cough ? No, I thought not grin

kittylester Mon 02-Jun-14 07:50:46

Good morning all!

Misty and drizzly in North Wales this morning so we are having a lazy start in the hope that it will brighten up sooner rather than later!

Today, we are going to see the hotel my parents owned when I was young! That might be weird!

Enjoy your days everyone! sunshine

PRINTMISS Mon 02-Jun-14 07:54:59

Good morning all, nice to hear from you yesterday Sewsilver. We have a brightish morning here, and after two days in the garden I am off to meet up with friends and play a little bowls. Enjoy your days.

Brendawymms Mon 02-Jun-14 08:25:26

It's a little drizzly in East Sussex with low cloud lifting. There are a lot of chesty type complaints around at the moment Ninathenana. Unusual I would have thought for this time of year. Mine is due to high pollen levels but I cough all winter!
Charity shop this afternoon and hospital tomorrow just for initial consultation. Then it's suitcases out of the loft as we start the countdown to holidays.

Nelliemoser Mon 02-Jun-14 08:37:30

kittyl Where in North Wales was it?

Nelliemoser Mon 02-Jun-14 08:49:37

Sorry! I should have swished you a good morning.

I managed to stay asleep until 8 am am for once woken by bizarre dreams about having lost my shoes.
This was at a combination of a Geology field trip where I failed to meet up with the group and had not been able to find my car again and ending up on a days singing course at somewhere that was a cross between a garden centre and a children's nursery. Still with only one shoe and hunting through piles of other peoples shoes to find a match.

I still have that very unsettled feeling. I have no idea what that was all about. I so need a brew.

Gagagran Mon 02-Jun-14 09:20:48

Morning all! I have laundry on the line but it's looking a bit overcast so a keen weather eye is needed. sunshine where are you?

Today is the anniversary of the Coronation in 1953 and it was cold and wet. I went to watch it on a big screen in a school hall with my brother but I was very bored and glad when we could go home. Our parents and our youngest sibling were invited to watch it on TV at a neighbours. It was all in black and white which didn't help!

Nelliemoser Mon 02-Jun-14 09:34:28

Gagagran Is clearly house proud and showing us all up. wink Respect Gagagran

I have only just had breakfast, I must do some paperwork this morning if you see me on GN before 11 tell me * off. grin

Gagagran Mon 02-Jun-14 09:37:03

Oh if only that were true Nellie! It's only out so early because I have been up since 4.30am with lumbago!

kittylester Mon 02-Jun-14 09:41:04

I had a funny dream last night , too, nellie I hate it when the weird feeling lasts all day sad

Our hotel was in Llanrwst and went bust! It has awful reviews on Tripadvisor now as well! DH says we should have lunch there ' for old time's sake' - I'm reserving judgment! grin

harrigran Mon 02-Jun-14 11:07:21

Good morning. I too had a funny dream, I was working for a big advertising company and they were dictating what perfume the females could wear shock I was getting stroppy and asking them if they were imposing the same rule on the men.
It only rained for half an hour at 5.30 this morning and now the sun is shining.

Dragonfly1 Mon 02-Jun-14 11:53:10

Good morning - just! Cloudy but dry at the moment. My little dog is recovered enough to come home later but I'm afraid this is now becoming a chronic problem. This is the sixth or seventh time she's been in less than 3 years but the first time pancreatitis has been diagnosed. I suspect it's been that every time. Which means a very uncertain future for my little mutt. sad