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Good Morning Tuesday

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12Michael Tue 20-Jan-15 06:39:22

Good Morning Everyone,
its dark but has been an overnight frost here in Brackley.

Falconbird Tue 20-Jan-15 07:13:15

Cold and dark here in the W Country with a very light frost on car roofs.

NfkDumpling Tue 20-Jan-15 07:22:17

Morning All. Bloomin' cold again. Roll on summer!

Second week of 5:2 diet. I fear I may have stepped back a bit yesterday. Superb meal out.

Have a happy day Everybody

loopylou Tue 20-Jan-15 07:24:03

Cold and dark here, off to scrape ice off car [groan]

kittylester Tue 20-Jan-15 07:37:38

Good morning all!

Strangely, it's cold and dark here in North Leicestershire, too!

Not much planned for today apart from a bit of ironing and waiting for the new washer to be delivered! I do have an exciting life!

Enjoy your days everyone!sunshine

Sewsilver Tue 20-Jan-15 07:57:11

Good morning to everyone ,still snow lying here but no more has fallen since last night. Now I have moved down off the hill I'm much less anxious about being trapped. Because of my osteoporosis I was terrified of falling up there. I am lucky to have good friends willing to lend me their houses on a short-term basis but I desperately hope that my next move is back into my own home.

thatbags Tue 20-Jan-15 08:05:29

Morning folks! I have already been talking about avocado skins, oilve oil and the smoothness of babies' bums. Way to go! Red sunrise! Gotta run for a photo!

Brendawymms Tue 20-Jan-15 08:22:23

Good morning all. A mono layer of snow has fallen in the last hour in this bit of East Sussex and settled. We had little frost overnight and no cloud. The Stars were wonderful.
It's a month since dental operation, never again, and go for a follow up at the hospital today. It seems on one hand a long time since Christmas but the last four weeks have gone quickly. Isn't that odd.
Five weeks today off on holiday. We booked it in July 13 so it's been a long time coming.

ninathenana Tue 20-Jan-15 08:30:36

Morning all.

Cold frosty morning little patches of blue sky.

My friend is coming from Hampshire today, hope the roads are ok. Looking forward to a girly night out.

Thistledoo Tue 20-Jan-15 08:30:58

Good morning all, dark and very cold here, hard frost, -7, hope it warms up a bit today. I'm dreaming of lying on a sun soaked beach and getting my body out and giving it a good dose of vitamin D.
Had a bit more sleep last night, arm still painful but painkillers working now, attempted a shower and hair wash and oh boy, that was a huge challenge.
I is amazing how much we take for granted by being fit and able bodied.

hildajenniJ Tue 20-Jan-15 08:36:56

Good morning all. It is cold and dry in my corner of Northumberland. I have gone back to bed since coming home from work. Not ill, just very tired. 03.00 is far too early to rise!!! Although bedtime is 19.30.shock

GillT57 Tue 20-Jan-15 09:13:21

Good morning, cold and frosty here in Essex and had to scrape the car. Lovely and sunny though. Hilda what job do you do that involves getting up in the middle of the night? Have you got a paper round? grin

daffydil Tue 20-Jan-15 09:23:34

Good morning everyone.
Yes, cold and frosty in my part of Essex too.
thistle I agree how much we take good health for granted. I used to go to London regularly as we are only 35 minutes away by train but I run out of energy so quickly these days that I don't feel able to attempt it.sad.

nannotgran Tue 20-Jan-15 09:29:09

Thick frost minus 3 dec in north essex this morning. Its only 9-20 and i have already fallen down the stairs and
been taken to the doctors leg in a tubular support and have i got a headache [blue]

harrigran Tue 20-Jan-15 10:04:07

Good morning from a very cold north east. We had a harsh frost last night which made the snow all crunchy. Another day in the house as DH is definitely not well enough to do anything.

daffydil Tue 20-Jan-15 11:19:11

nannotgran so sorry to hear you have had a fall this morning. Pamper yourself for the rest of the day. brew wine cupcake whatever you prefer!

dustyangel Tue 20-Jan-15 11:30:11

Good morning all. It was raining all night and now it is mild and damp.A change from yesterday when we had a daytime temperature of 4°C. DD1 in Surrey sent us a shot of her car temperature when she went to work this morning. Minus 5°C shock
Having a lazy day today, it's the first day that I haven't had to go somewhere for about three weeks.

loopylou Tue 20-Jan-15 18:49:48

Oh dear * nannotgran*, do hope you recover quickly, falls always shake you up flowers

annodomini Tue 20-Jan-15 19:41:30

Commiserations, nannotgran. I'm terrified of falling because of borderline osteoporosis. Yesterday I fell off the bottom step of the stairs (wearing just socks on my feet), rushing to catch a phone call, and now have a huge bruise on my foot which has been rested all day. Still don't know who was phoning.