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Following on from the healthy eating discussion..

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Juliette Fri 23-Jan-15 19:38:45

What have you had, are you having, for your tea/dinner/supper this evening? DH and I have had M&S plaice with Mornay sauce, crushed potatoes and green beans. For afters/dessert/pudding/sweet he had a Mini-Magnum and I had a yoghurt. Quite healthyish!

loopylou Fri 23-Jan-15 19:42:20

Fish and chips! And enjoyed every mouthful grin

petallus Fri 23-Jan-15 19:43:56

A risotto of vegetables and rice followed by yoghurt with maple syrup.

That's healthy but I am planning a rich biscuit with tea before I go to bed.

GillT57 Fri 23-Jan-15 19:46:51

Spaghetti and vegetarian 'meatballs'

vampirequeen Fri 23-Jan-15 20:10:57

Ham salad followed by fruit..

rosequartz Fri 23-Jan-15 20:12:19

Baked trout with jacket potato, peas, spinach and grilled tomato.
Now I want some chocolate

Ana Fri 23-Jan-15 20:12:24

Wasn't there a 'what are we eating tonight' thread going already? confused

Juliette Fri 23-Jan-15 20:15:03

Sorry if there was ana must try harder. blush

Ana Fri 23-Jan-15 20:21:32

No, don't mind me Juliette - sometimes déja vu just strikes! Must get a life...grin

rosequartz Fri 23-Jan-15 20:36:23

We can eat twice if we like and join in both threads grin

Gagagran Fri 23-Jan-15 20:46:32

We had poached smoked haddock with a poached egg on top and some new granary bread to mop up the juices. I then had a cup of tea and a few mini easter eggs - the ones with a solid middle and a crisp shell. DH had a mini blackcurrant cheesecake and a coffee. He is at DD's looking after DGS tonight while DD, DsiL and DGD go to the theatre so no doubt will be enjoying some edible treat DD has laid in for him. She knows her Dad!

rosequartz Fri 23-Jan-15 20:48:30

I like those easter eggs, but I don't have any in the house.

Now where did I put those Ferrero Rocher (I don't even like them but they're better than nothing!).

harrigran Fri 23-Jan-15 23:02:37

Pasta with ham and mushrooms and a bowl of salad, no pudding just a cup of coffee.

ninathenana Fri 23-Jan-15 23:52:16

Chicken stir fry and rice.

Eloethan Sat 24-Jan-15 00:34:31

Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber sandwich (had spaghetti and tomato sauce for lunch).