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Mishap Sun 08-Mar-15 16:14:03

I seem to have some vital gene missing that induces a desire to tidy up - I can tolerate a pretty grand degree of muddle before the urge to tidy up hits me - well, gently taps me on the shoulder.

I am trying to tidy the music room which is full of sheet music, books of music, instruments etc. and it is in a huge state of chaos. We just get a piece of music out, play/sing it and it stays where it is, as I am always quite sure I will be playing it again in the next few days or that, if I put it away, I will forget where it is when I need it!

I have been working on this for the last two hours and all I seem to be doing is moving stuff from one place (top of the piano now looks great!) to some other place (which now looks grim!). Is this stuff-shifting characteristic of your tidying? - and do you ever feel you have achieved anything?

There are lots of dead woodlice now consigned to the rubbish bin! (hides head in shame!).

jinglbellsfrocks Sun 08-Mar-15 16:17:28

I am a good chucked-outer. I chucked the piano out a little while back. Glad to see the back of it.

loopylou Sun 08-Mar-15 16:22:37

I used to reshuffle stuff when we lived in a bigger house, I'm more disciplined now simply because as I got older a) I didn't have the excuse of blaming it on the children b) I can't relax if the place is in a muddle.
So I've definitely become tidier and more ruthless about chucking stuff out or recycling via charity shops etc

merlotgran Sun 08-Mar-15 16:26:08

Our dining room always needs tidying. Everything seems to get dumped in there. Baskets of laundry, shopping that doesn't need putting away immediately, books, coats, you name it.

I then have a blitz, tidy it up, polish the furniture and it looks lovely....for about two days. hmm

Currently I'm painting the chairs with Annie Sloan 'Old Ochre' so I'm hoping they'll be done in time for Easter when I'll have to have another tidy up for the visitors.

chloe1984 Sun 08-Mar-15 16:36:50

I am unable to relax if I know something needs tidying I have to know that everything is in its proper place. Think I may have a problem I even need to have the bedspread laying just right on each side when I am laying in bed.

soontobe Sun 08-Mar-15 16:38:52

Same as loopylou. The children were part of the problem before.
My husband has always been reasonably good at keeping tidy, so now that the children are gone, it is obvious which parts I am to blame for, which spurs me into action.

tanith Sun 08-Mar-15 16:59:34

I'm a tidier, a place for everything and everything in its place.. OH has a table that he's 'allowed' to have untidy but wobetide him if his untidiness spreads...grin he's quite used to me by now.

J52 Sun 08-Mar-15 17:02:34

Tidying is the sure way to lose all those important things that you know where they are!

Someone, kindly, tidied my desk at work! It took me months to relocate all the things that knew exactly which pile they were in! x

Ana Sun 08-Mar-15 17:06:15

That's what happens here after DGDs have volunteered to 'tidy' the kitchen, which seems to involve simply shoving everything in sight in random drawers and cupboards!

Stansgran Sun 08-Mar-15 17:15:17

I believe in shutting the door quite firmly on an untidy room.

Falconbird Sun 08-Mar-15 17:17:31

Tidying up after the grandkids go home. It takes me a whole hour. Dil always tries to get them to tidy up but they nearly 7 and nearly 4 so it's very rudimentary.

I am very tidy and a minimalist which, as my life turned out the way it has, proved to be very useful traits i.e moving house 3 times after my Dh passed away.

felice Sun 08-Mar-15 17:26:22

What!!! you mean you are supposed to tidy up.....!!!!
Ooops I seem to have lost the gene for that....

rockgran Sun 08-Mar-15 17:39:34

I've just acquired lots of drawers for my craft room and now I really do have a place for everything. I still make a mess but I quite enjoy tidying it up. No doubt the novelty will wear off!

KatyK Sun 08-Mar-15 18:04:57

I am not houseproud in any way, but I do confess I like to be tidy, if only on the surface!

soontobe Sun 08-Mar-15 18:08:56

Have you got a handy nearby cupboard Mishap?

Recently I realised that I needed to tidy/move 6 areas to be able to sort out the first area. Needless to say, it took a while to get to that particular job.

Mishap Sun 08-Mar-15 18:09:51

We have managed to create a pile of books that we are unlikely to read again - mainly large reference books. they are sitting in the middle of the floor for us to trip over - I can't think of anywhere else for them to go!!!!

This is what I mean - stuff going from one place to another!!

soontobe Sun 08-Mar-15 18:52:08

I put a number of books in our attic. In fact, there is a bookcase of books up there. Mainly childrens' books.

Lona Sun 08-Mar-15 19:32:55


Mishap Sun 08-Mar-15 19:47:58

!!! - very good advice!!!

Deedaa Sun 08-Mar-15 20:52:15

I know just what you mean about moving stuff from one place to another Mishap It just about sums up my tidying up! We have a three bedroomed house with a small box room that DH used to use as a computer room. Since DH has been ill we have slept in seperate rooms but now DS has moved out we have a spare room! I was intending to use this room for painting and sewing but it keeps filling up with computer stuff, fishing gear and random tools. DH doesn't use the computer room now because he got lonely up there so it is now full of abandoned computer stuff! Any suggestion that I might like my own space is taken to mean that I shall be glad when he's dead.

janerowena Sun 08-Mar-15 21:55:19

I wait until I can't find anything, then go mad and really enjoy clearing it all up, which is what I am doing in my potting-shed lean-to at the moment.

The music room was the last one to get the 'treatment'. I got DBH to build me a ceiling to floor bookshelf with shelves deep enough to take filing boxes. I bought 30 filing boxes and now all the music is filed by instrument, then composer, then owner of that piece of music. That was last summer. As a result, I know now what I always suspected - that DBH is the main culprit, NOT me or DS. It was worth all the hard work for that alone. So now, if he leaves his stuff in piles to fall off the piano and stool, we simply pick them all up and stuff them into one of his boxes, but can still find our own!

Coolgran65 Sun 08-Mar-15 22:12:20

I am a tidier, everything in it's place.... and I can honestly say that given a couple of minutes I can locate any document etc. etc.
(Touch wood).

Mishap Sun 08-Mar-15 22:26:38

We too have the floor to ceiling shelves specially built to take the music in files. What is needed is a determination to put things back in the files. What happens when I am trying to tidy it up is that I pick up a piece of music and remember how lovely it is and sit at the piano and tinker about and sing; and half an hour goes by and the piles of music are still all around me! But it is so wonderful to revisit pieces of music - it just doesn't help the tidying process!

rosequartz Sun 08-Mar-15 22:32:44

It goes in phases ....

Must have a tidy up tomorrow.

Anya Sun 08-Mar-15 22:41:27

Can't stand clutter.