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Bees in bonnets

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Soutra Wed 25-Mar-15 11:44:20

My Dad used to enthuse about a particular biscuit (I suspect chocolate Bath Olivers) and ran Mum ragged trying to track them down as the ones she bought were never quite right.
Now DH has got it into his head that he can get tiny pots of Vaseline and what I buy is "too big"( he puts cotton wool tipped with Vaseline into his ears when he showers because of recurring ear infections-on medical advice, I hasten to add.)
But honestly, what a fuss about the size of a pot!
Is it men? Or just men in my family? [confudes]

Soutra Wed 25-Mar-15 11:45:39

Guess who can't spell confused. gringrin I meant confused!!!

Mishap Wed 25-Mar-15 11:46:44

I am sorry to hear you are "confudes" - it sounds most uncomfortable! smile

There's something cute about little pots - he is clearly in touch with his feminine side.

Mishap Wed 25-Mar-15 11:47:10

Crossed posts!

Soutra Wed 25-Mar-15 11:47:30


janerowena Wed 25-Mar-15 11:56:50

Maybe he likes them to look small and discreet?

Maybe you could find a weeny jar and melt some down for him?

I wouldn't want a large jar of it in my bedroom or bathroom. It would bring Knowing Looks from the DCs. grin

Nonnie Wed 25-Mar-15 11:57:18

No, its men. They get stuck in their ways from a very early age and don't understand logic when it is put to them by their better halves. grin

NotTooOld Wed 25-Mar-15 12:25:39

You can buy tiny pots of Vaseline now. Try Boots. I think they are trying to reposition the brand as lip salve. The tiny pots are difficult to open, though. Janerowena - I know those Knowing Looks. Infuriating, aren't they?

rosequartz Wed 25-Mar-15 12:26:11

Here you are, Soutra - you can order it online (or your DH could?)

janerowena Wed 25-Mar-15 12:28:39

Well NotToo I can only say that they are probably only giving as good as they got! grin

HildaW Wed 25-Mar-15 12:29:52

Tried Bath Olivers (Granny used to wax lyrical about them) once.....big disappointment! Like hard tack and even the addition of a chocolate coating made them a poor second to chocolate digestive.

Methinks it was more of a class thing with her.....she aspired to them as they were considered a 'superior' biscuit. She similarly thought certain brands of tea, coffee and even washing powder were common.

KatyK Wed 25-Mar-15 12:51:51

I once gave my DH a sandwich cut into four quarters instead of two halves. You would think a World War had been declared with the fuss he made confused

rosesarered Wed 25-Mar-15 14:16:12

Soutra, my DH has to do the same before showering, and he has a little pot of Vaseline in his own bathroom drawer, so you can buy them, but can't remember where from. you can even buy very tiny round tins of it, to take away with you.Men are just strange, we all agree on that, of course they are from Mars!

Teetime Wed 25-Mar-15 14:21:58

Boots have the tiny round tins near the tills in our one I like them for my sore eyes and lips- urgh I sound like a lizard! DH is totally wedded to white linen handkerchiefs - wont use tissues at all horrible idea in my view much better to throw the tissue away after each use.

NotTooOld Wed 25-Mar-15 14:32:32

Yes, those bloomin' hankies - and I still iron the darn things. I don't know why as DH is not fussy, in fact he thinks I am mad to iron them. I don't iron underpants, though!

HildaW Wed 25-Mar-15 14:34:33

Teetime......thank goodness I'm not the only one to suffer from DH's hanky fixation. They have to be washed and ironed too!. I've tried to convince him about the benefits of tissues, especially when there is a cold involved....but Oh no...its got to be white handkerchiefs!!!!!

Tegan Wed 25-Mar-15 15:11:23

I can't complain about hankies cause when we go out for the day I often end up borrowing one of the S.O.'s hankies as I often get runny eyes and a sniff. Tissues are always used for proper full on nose blowing though. Because of that I have taken to keeping hankies in my coat pockets 'for emergencies only' as I was always finding tissues of varying stages of disintegration in coats or cardigans that I hadn't worn for a while and it worries me that I've probably thrown away half a rainforests worth of tissues over the years that haven't been used. However, on the rare occasion that mine and the S.O.'s washing ends up in the washing machine at the same time I adamant that his hankies[the ones that have been used]aren't included.

Nonnie Wed 25-Mar-15 15:17:52

DH has a clean hankie in every pair of trousers. I know because when they get in the wash I find them, usually unused. Tissues he never uses.

jollyg Wed 25-Mar-15 15:50:33

Opt out of ironing hankies......... white to boot.

Stick them in with a boil wash of coloureds.

loopylou Wed 25-Mar-15 16:42:58

Or tell him to wash & iron them?
DH uses handfuls of paper hankies or kitchen roll -as I discover if I haven't checked his pockets before putting in the wash....why don't I find fivers and tenners? confused

bramblelover Wed 25-Mar-15 17:46:51

I dont mind washing the hankies as I don' t have to iron them. Ironing is DH's job choice. He likes doing it - I don't as I'd rather be in the garden. He finds it quite relaxing but he also enjoys making bread , scones, ice cream and jams,his favourite of which is bramble jelly. Hankies he insists are essential to have for weddings and funerals when he normally gives one or two away. So if you wonder what's in that well as other bits there is always a pristine unused hankie!

annodomini Wed 25-Mar-15 18:37:43

Soutra, buy a small pot of Vaseline and a big one. When the small one is finished, refill from the big one. wink

Nelliemoser Thu 26-Mar-15 19:19:07

If 'im indoors wanted proper hankies instead of tissues there is no flipping way I would ever wash and iron them'

MY OH has a large pot of vaseline which he uses to lubricate a trombone slide.

Granne72 Thu 26-Mar-15 21:59:16

That is one use for vaseline i haven't heard before Nelliemoser !!

annodomini Thu 26-Mar-15 23:05:23

I use Vaseline on the pole of my bird feeder so that the squirrels can't shin up to get at the food!